WWE 2K19 Showcase Daniel Bryan

If you’re a fan of WWE wrestling, you know about Daniel Bryan’s story; now, thanks to WWE 2K19, you’ll be able to play that story.

Daniel Bryan WWE 2K19 Showcase

WWE 2K’s Showcase mode has featured some incredible stories including the Attitude Era and rivalries such as Triple H and Shawn Michaels’ 2002 to 2004 run. It is a story driven experience which splices in real life video and audio footage to drive the experience.

Meeting certain requirements will trigger mid-match or post-match cutscenes that will recreate what happened in said match. Completing these objectives will also unlock arenas, superstars, attires, and championships.

The Return of Daniel Bryan features 11 matches and one additional surprise match. These matches were handpicked by 2K to tell his story. The team wanted to show Bryan’s progression throughout his career without bogging the player down in 30 matches.

Included in The Return of Daniel Bryan is 11 different Daniel Bryan character models. 2K specifies that this is different than just a skin. They did their best to capture taunts and moves from each “Bryan era”. They even added Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan’s real name) from his 2003 Velocity appearance against John Cena.

There will be over 20 cutscenes that drive the story in The Return of Daniel Bryan to go along with eight new entrances and 11 new victory scenes. Bryan himself will have four new entrances and six new victory scenes and will also have a special “Team Hell No” entrance.

You can view The Return of Daniel Bryan 2K Showcase trailer below:

What are your thoughts on the return of the 2K Showcase? Are you excited they are going to use Daniel Bryan’s story this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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