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A New SGO Redesigned for you!

Sports Gamers Online Redesign

Welcome to the new Sports Gamers Online!  As I’ve said before we want to provide you with the best Sports & Gaming News and Free Tips for your favorite games. We thought we could do a better job of that…so we did! This is our newly redesigned website and we have put a ton of work in to make it better than ever.

We have added an Online section to present our leagues, forums and a new Streaming category that includes all of the most popular gaming streams. This feature will be greatly expanded upon in the future.

Mobile and tablet users should have a much easier time navigating around the site with the new design. The Fantasy Section has been removed and all fantasy content will be included within their prospective sports.

We added a new Lifestyle category which will include a little bit of everything from clothes to cars, movies and even real life tips!

We will use the SGO blog to keep you updated on the latest with the site as we always have new things in the works. Check the site everyday as we have new Tips & Tactics, Sports and Gaming news added each day!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions drop us a line at [email protected]



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