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Possibility of PS5 Delay Is Growing

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We all know about how much the Coronavirus has impacted the lives of thousands of people. But as the problem grows so does concern from Sony and Microsoft regarding the launch of the next generation of consoles.

As the virus spreads — not only in China but throughout the World — the possibility of the next-gen consoles being delayed is becoming higher. 

While Microsoft is confident that the Xbox Series X will launch as planned later this year, many executives at Sony aren’t so convinced.

One source has stated that the virus is “one of the reasons” why Sony hasn’t officially “revealed” the PS5 yet.  

“They want to announce a date,” the source said. “Many within the company wanted to have the big reveal event announced by now. With the impact of the disease, they don’t want to announce a date only to have to change it immediately after.”

When asked about just announcing a Holiday 2020 release window, the source replied simply with: “last resort”.

As it stands now, Sony still expects the PlayStation 5 to launch this Holiday season, albeit with a likely supply shortage. But if the epidemic doesn’t come under control shortly, plans are certainly going to change.

Lastly, a second source said that Sony wants to make a firm decision on an announcement by the end of the month or early March at the latest.

“Things are going to move fast,” he said.

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