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Sports Gamers Online Partners With Overdog

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We are very excited to announce a partnership with Overdog, a platform service that helps you game with people who share your interests in sports, music, movies, and more. Instead of gaming with anonymous people in your favorite game be matched with SIM Gamers who play just like you.

We understand what gamers are looking for in an online community, and we work hard to provide a platform for their online gaming needs. We’ve done this by providing an incredible environment for gamers to discuss, share, and play with other like-minded individuals. Overdog helps provide our community with an easy way to connect with fellow SIM Gamers who share the same interests and passions for sports games!

After turning on your console, open the Overdog app and see matched profiles of gamers who were found with similar interests including those who are part of our SGO Community. From there you can send them a message or game invite, even if they are not yet on your friends list. This will be our 1st Game Night on Overdog and center around NBA 2K16 but please join the community for any sports game for a sim community experience!

How to get started?

Download the Overdog app, available for free in the Xbox One App Store in the US, Canada, and the UK.

Like Sports Gamers Online.overdog_sportsgamersonline_app

Launch the Overdog app on the Xbox One and make NBA 2K16 your preferred game.


When the Game Night begins, you’ll be paired up with Sports Gamers Online managers as well as fellow SGO Community Members.


Check Overdog when you’re online and you’ll find our upcoming events, just like the one for the NBA 2K16 event coming up this Saturday, October 3rd.


More Sports Gamers Online scheduled events will be coming soon on Overdog so stay tuned! Be sure to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook if you have any questions!


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