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NSFL NFC Predictions: Season 1



NFC East

Eagles (10-6) Call me crazy, but “In Chip We Trust.” I think he made a lot of good moves. I think the best move was trading for Sam Bradford. I think if he can stay healthy, he will throw for a career high in yards. I also like the signing of Murray. Everyone gives credit to the Cowboys line for making him look good. But who was making the cuts and juking the defenders? Murray. I also like what they did on defense by signing Kiko Alonso and Byron Maxwell. I think they are going to shock people this year.

Giants (9-7) I really think the Giants will have a decent year this year. I think if Cruz can stay healthy, him and Beckham are going to be a nightmare for NFL secondaries. I think they lack the running game, and I don’t think Eli cant stop throwing interceptions. Although I do like some of the moves they made, I just don’t think they have the magic this year.

Cowboys (8-8) I already know I am going to catch grief from Cowboys fans. But lets take a look at a few things. Witten and Romo are aging, they have no star running back, and their secondary is going to get toasted this year. When you cant rely on the play action, you cant set up Bryant or Williams down the field. I just think with the tough schedule, they will struggle this season. So shoot me now Cowboys fans.

Redskins (2-14) Oh Redskins fans, haven’t you all suffered enough? This team is a mess. The bright side is that you will probably nab the first overall pick next year. The downside is that with Daniel Snyder running things, he will likely be a bust. There are positives with Washington. They have an excellent running back in Alfred Morris, and Matt Jones. They also have some good wide receivers. But lets just say it now, RGIII was a mistake pick. This pick might haunt you for years to come.

NFC West

Seahawks (13-3) I really think the Seahawks got better than they were last year, if that’s possible. They were one play away from winning it all. They locked up Russell Wilson, but the problem will lie when they have to sign the big names on defense. Chancellor already wants out, and they picked up Jimmy Graham’s huge contract. But this year I think they have enough ammo to make it back. Graham is going to help make defenses honest, so they cant stack the box. I think their offense will be the big story this year.

Rams (10-6) The Rams are always a few players away at making the run. If you looked at what they’ve done in the draft the last few years, you have to be impressed. I don’t think there is a better defensive line in football than the Rams. With Quinn, Donald, Long, and Fairley, they will make quarterbacks wet themselves. They also drafted one of the best running backs in college football last year, Todd Gurley. I also like Nick Foles, as he can move the chains and limit mistakes. I see them making it into the playoffs, and one step behind the Seahawks.

Cardinals (8-8) The biggest question that has surrounded the Cardinals for a few years now is the health of Carson Palmer. He will either make or break the Cardinals. The fact they limped in the playoffs last year starting a 3rd string quarterback is amazing in itself. I think age is starting to catch up to them, and I see them taking a step back this year. They need to beef up the offensive line and rely more on the running game.

49ers (5-11) Is there an NFL team that had a worse offseason than the San Francisco 49ers? I think not. Their team was decimated due to arrests, retirements, and coaches leaving for college. The upper management pushed away a coach that took them to the playoffs 4 straight years. They now have to rely on Kaepernick to lead them, and him alone. They didn’t do much in the draft, and with the exception of Torrey Smith, didn’t do anything in FA. I think a lot of booze will be drank in the bay this year.

NFC North

Packers (12-4) I’m not really going out on the limb here with my pick, but c’mon, ITS AARON RODGERS!!! Rodgers has tons of weapons in his arsenal, along with the bulldozing running back in Eddie Lacy. They were very close to going to the Super Bowl last year, and nothing tells me they can’t make it this year. They never make a big splash in FA, but they need to. Ted Thompson knows how to draft, and sign FA’s. The Packers easily win the North.

Vikings (9-7) If the Vikings didn’t have to play Aaron Rodgers twice a year, I might have them on top of the North. I absolutely love their team. They get Adrian Peterson back, along with 2nd year starter, Teddy Bridgewater. I think there are big things in the horizon for this guy. He will limit his mistakes, and the defense will suffocate opposing quarterbacks. I think they’re about a year away from really being a playoff team.

Lions (7-9) I think the loss of Suh and Fairley will open up defense to run the ball on the Lions. I know, I know, they signed Ndata. But he is getting up there in age, and cant do it himself. I think Stafford is going to be forced passing the ball down the field too much, and teams will know this. I think the Lions take a step back this season. Their running game, and offensive line is another big question.

Bears (6-10) I’m very sorry Bears fans but can you blame me? This is the year that the front office finally figure out that Jay Cutler simply isn’t the man to lead this team. They did get a nice wideout to replace Brandon Marshall, in Kevin White. However, Cutler is going to be on his back a lot, with his inconsistent line play. I don’t think their aging defense can withhold the juggernaut of offenses in the NFC. Look on the bright side, you don’t have to see Cutler pout after this year.

NFC South

Falcons (10-6) Last year was a horrible year for the NFC South in general. A sub .500 team made the playoffs. That alone makes me want to vomit. However, the Falcons are the only team to really make a splash. They hired the Seahawks defensive guru, Dan Quinn. He will take this horrendous defense and make it better. Along with drafting sack master, Vic Beasley, they also drafted Jalen Collins from Bama. I love these pickups. Put that along with a pass heavy offense, you have a lot of points. I think Julio Jones will be the top wide receiver this year. Mark it down, now! I also think Matty Ice will have a career year, and their running game will finally get it together.

Saints (8-8) Drew Brees is getting older, and the best tight end in the game is no longer on their team. They are moving towards a more “run driven” team, but their defense isn’t fit to stop teams. I think that they will actually regress and might even finish worse than this 8-8. I do think Ingram will have a break out year, but too many points scored, and too many turnovers, will hurt them.

Panthers (6-10) I think Cam Newton is one of the best quarterbacks with nothing around him. I am really concerned about this offensive line. He doesn’t have the receivers to pull away from the run. Although Benjamin had a great rookie season, it’s pretty much because the Panthers were down a lot last year, forcing Cam to throw. They didn’t do anything to help out the line or the running game. I even think their defense takes a step back.

Buccaneers (4-12) It’s not that I don’t like Jameis Winston, I just think for rookie quarterbacks going to a bad team doesn’t equate to success the first year. Although they do have a decent roster, their offensive line will have Winston running for his life. Add to the fact they had no running game last year, it might be hectic for the Florida State rookie. I do like their defense, but you cant play the defense the entire game. This will definitely be a learning year for the young team.

What do you think of my NSFL NFC predictions? Let me know!

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