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It’s the time again to separate the men from the boys, the contenders from the pretenders. Who will bring home the Chip’? Checkout my predictions below..


#1 Green Bay Packer with 12-4 record mostly due to there run game dominance.

#2 Dallas Cowboys with a 12-4 record this team started off great and has cooled down lately losing 3 in a row will they heat back up for playoffs?

#3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers with a 11-5 record this teams defense has been good this year lets see how far they can go in the playoffs. While coming off a loss to the Saints putting them in the wildcard instead of a first round bye.

#4 St. Louis Rams with a 10-6 record this team started off the year slow losing 3 of its first 4 but has since then been dominate coming it the playoffs on a 6 game win streak.

#5 Arizona Cardinals with a 10-6 record who have had a great year while starting a rookie QB in Logan Thomas but can he step up and take them to a Super Bowl?

#6 Minnesota Vikings with a 10-6 record in a rough NFC north this team has found its way to the playoffs by beating the bears in week 17 and pushing them out marking there 6 straight win could they be the Super Bowl favorite in the NFC?



#1 Cleveland Browns with a 13-3 record which is the best record in the NFL the Browns look to be the favorite team coming out of the AFC to make the Super Bowl will they live up to the hype or implode?

#2 Indianapolis Colts with a 12-4 record with a top 10 defense this year will this defense step up big when it count or fizzle out?

#3 Oakland Raiders with a 11-5 record and a top 5 offense behind rookie QB Derek Carr can I keep it rolling in the playoffs or will his inexperience be his downfall?

#4 Buffalo Bills with a 9-7 record they didn’t do anything special this year but they did what it took to win the AFC East they are a underdog in these playoffs with the worst record. Will they surprise everyone and make it to the Super Bowl or live up to expectations and get booted out in the wildcard?

#5 Denver Broncos with a 11-5 record and the best offense in the NFL but with QB Manning and WR Thomas out for all the playoffs it isn’t looking good for this team.

#6 Baltimore Ravens with a 10-6 record are looking good coming into the playoffs beating the Browns in week 17 but will this top 3 defense stand up as they did in week 17 and get a rematch with the browns in the divisional round?


NSFL Super Bowl 


This conference is really up for grabs with a lot of great playoff team but my pick to make the Super Bowl is the St. Louis Rams I know they are a long shot and I didn’t pick myself but I am being a realist I think he is the best user in the NFC. I pick the Cleveland Browns to make the Super Bowl from the AFC he has beaten every team in the playoffs except the Broncos who are coming in hobbled with injuries.

St. Louis Rams vs Cleveland Browns

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