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You Won’t Play In The NFL In Madden 18’s “Longshot” Story Mode

Madden 18 Longshot

During the press conference on Saturday afternoon at EA Play, fans were given the first full trailer for the debuting “Longshot” story mode in Madden 18.

In the mode, fans take control of protagonist Devin Wade, a former college star that has been out of the game for three years. You will work towards getting him noticed by NFL scouts, and drafted to the big time.

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And if you think that once you get Wade to the NFL that the story continues, you are sadly mistaken.

In an interview with GamesRadar, the mode’s creative director, Mike Young, confirmed that players won’t actually play in an NFL game with the main character.

From GamesRadar:

“We really do feel like you’re playing a true campaign mode. You’ll have one scene that’s a cinematic movie experience, then in another you’re controlling through choices and how you play on the field. There’s not a single NFL game. You experience high school football, you see Devin at different stages of his life including Pop Warner [youth football], some college football, and other surprising twists.

Devin Wade, our protagonist, was at one point one of the best high school quarterbacks in Texas, and went on to play Division I college football, but along the way he quit. Now he’s back with his best friend: an all-heart, under-talented wide receiver, called Colt Cruise. They’ve always been a great duo. It’s two guys trying to beat the odds. Definitely a buddy film.”

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