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2014 was quite the breathtaking year for sports video games, was it not? No. Not at all actually. As sports gamers, we’re a little bit stuck right now for three major reasons. One, with next-gen systems only two years on the market, developers have not yet had enough time to fully harness the powerful hardware of the PS4 and Xbox1. The result here being that games are often half-baked; prominent titles often lack features found in their previous console’s counterpart, and gameplay mechanics are frequently unfinished. The second reason is the high development costs of next gen consoles have deterred indie-developers from entering the fray and providing their (usually creative and eccentric) take on sports games. Oh, and then there’s the third reason; licensing issues have not only led to publisher monopolization over a particular sport, but matters of legality have entirely thwarted any attempt at creating what were once extremely popular titles.

So as you very well guess, 2014 was a bit tough for many to swallow. But, that doesn’t mean 2015 can’t be great. With another year of development, what tricks do these developers have up their sleeves? To find out, let’s take a look at my boldest gaming predictions of 2015.


Will EA’s NBA LIVE franchise compete with NBA 2k?

Will Sony’s MLB:The Show be the only baseball game on the market?

Can the NCAA Football franchise make a return amidst its surrounding legal turmoil?

Finally, what game will be crowned 2015 Sports Game of the Year?

Thanks for reading and watching. Do you agree with our 2015 SPORTS GAMING PREDICTIONS? Let us know in the comments!

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