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5 New Features That Show FIFA 17 is Ready to Be an eSport

fifa 17 eSports

EA Sports has make it apparent that they want to take the FIFA series into the eSports conversation, so with FIFA 17 they are adding some new gameplay mechanics to separate those who put in the work to get great, and casual gamers. Here are five gameplay changes that EA has made that will give you even more control of the beautiful digital game.

  1. Aim to shoot

Whereas past FIFA iterations gave users little control when it came to shooting and finishing, this year’s edition will change all that. FIFA 17 will allow players to truly have a plethora of options on how and where they place their finish.

We’re talking about driving shots across goal low into the corner, keeping volleys low and heading the ball towards the floor, increasing the save difficulty for opposing keepers.

  1. Become a set-piece specialist

 Inspired by James Rodriguez, the new set-piece system is set to revolutionize the way set-fifa17_players_loungepieces are taken in the game. Gamers will now have the ability to control their player’s run-ups, more precisely place their crosses and even affect the spin of the ball (one of the dearly missed features of FIFA’s from a decade ago)! Throw ins have also been upgraded, allowing players to moving along the touchline and perform a fake throw.

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  1. The AI will finally make the runs they should

 Every FIFA player can surely relate to the frustration that results from the AI deciding not to make obvious off-the ball runs. Luckily, this no longer should be an issue, as FIFA 17 will have your teammates moving to creating space and slowing / bending their runs to stay onside.

  1. Your defenders will act like defenders

FIFA 17’s new spatial analysis system will change the way the AI interacts while you are defending; defenders will no longer suddenly decide to stop running and cost you that dreaded 90th minute winner to your bitter rival. Perhaps smashing controllers really will be a thing of the past now.

  1. Want to play physical? Now you can

 EA Sports is adding “push back” technology to improve on making the physical nature of the game more realistic. With the left trigger will now be able to shield and rotate 360 degrees around the ball.

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