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Axis Football 2016 New Features & Kickstarter Announced

Axis Football has launched a Kickstarter campaign for funding Axis Football 2016, the follow up to last year’s title. AX16 will be the 1st football game on PC since 2008 and feature All 32 NFL cities with the teams being heavily moddable. It is designed for the PC to take advantage of the keyboard and mouse. This allows Axis Football’s “aimed passing system” to being able to specify the exact location on the field where the ball is thrown allowing you to throw receivers open, utilize stop routes, the ability to lead your receivers to where you want them to run. Below are some of the new features found in Axis Football 2016.

Franchise Mode


This will be the largest in terms of work and features that we’ll be adding. Franchise mode is essentially a multi-season campaign where you will control various aspects of team play and management. We’re still ironing out some of the finer details, but we’ll be offering roster management, end-of-season drafts, player progression (during and off-season), team-specific playbooks, and more!

Custom Mo-Cap Animations

It’s no secret that the biggest visual flaw of Axis Football 2015 is the lack of quality animations. The blocking and interaction between linemen is non-existent. Additionally, there’s very little to do with players besides run (e.g., no spins, jukes, dives, player catches, etc.) By far, the largest portion of the funds we’re raising will be going towards purchasing the services of a motion-capture studio. We need AAA quality animations so that we can pair them with top-notch AI and game mechanics. We can’t have controls for bull-rushing and swim moves without the animations to go along with them. In Axis Football 2016, we’ll be adding in these animations to take the visuals and game play to the next level!

More Mod Support


We know modding is important for a lot of users. It allows you to create and play the game that you want. We have already provided mod support for rosters, player attributes, announcer audio, QB cadence and audible audio, team uniforms, and hot routes (see images below). The giant puzzle piece that’s missing is the ability to mod the team names and their logos. This includes not only the logos that appear in the GUI, but also the ones that appear on the field. This will be coming in Axis Football 2016!

Overhauled GUI


We felt like the current GUI for the game needed a drastic face-lift! We love the way the new interface looks, and we think it will add a ton to the game!

Be sure to support Axis Football and their Kickstarter for Axis Football 2016!

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Axis Games
6 years ago

@Dollarjunior75 It was in the plans, but the support wasn’t quite there. We’ll get done what we can.

6 years ago

@AxisGamesDev I see a play editor OMG!