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Connected Franchise Top 10 Wishlist for Madden NFL 16



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Within weeks after a new edition of EA Sports’ popular Madden NFL series drops, a number of message boards and discussion forums will have a ‘wish list’ posted with dozens of criticisms, complaints, and suggestions for added features in future editions.

Given that I have been managing an online Madden NFL league off and on since October 2002, I feel like I have a good sense from a Commissioner’s perspective on what should be added to the game.

Unlike many ‘wish lists’ I have perused across the internet, mine is going to concentrate specifically on the Connected Franchise Mode (CFM) which is how the vast majority of online league commissioner’s execute their competitive seasons.

#10 – The ability to preview CFM playoff seeds before the playoffs actually begin

This feature was actually included in Madden NFL ’13, but then it was taken out. Bring it back! Please! This is very helpful to those who participate in online Madden NFL leagues.


#9 – The ability to engage in CFM practice games against the CPU and/or against other league members

This feature is an absolute MUST!! Everyone I have talked to wants to play some practice games before their next scheduled league game. Implement this in the game!! Please!


#8 – A wider variety of commentators, particularly during the CFM playoffs

With all due respect to Phil Simms and Jim Nantz, we need a wider variety of commentators. Let us hear Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth, as well as Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. This would give the game, and particularly playoff games, a higher degree of realism.


#7 – Give each League Commissioner the ability to cancel and/or reverse improper trades

I would assume that each online league has it’s own set of rules and guidelines regarding the trading of player personnel. Inevitably, someone is going to violate those rules. Implement a feature where the League Commissioner can ‘void’ an improper trade.


#6 – Give each online league the ability to create and draft realistic college players as rookies

League members will be much more excited to draft QB Connor Cook or HB Ezekiel Elliott than some fictional quarterback or halfback that they have never heard of.


#5 – The ability to create personalized touchdown celebrations in CFM games

Give each online league member the ability to press a button, or series of buttons, to have his QB, RB, WR, or TE perform their own unique, individual celebration dance. This would really add some much needed ‘spice’ to each CFM contest!


#4 – Bring back the ability to have league coaches import their actual facial images into CFM

This feature was actually included in Madden NFL ’13 and Madden NFL 14/25, but then it was eliminated in Madden NFL 15. Bring it back! Please!


#3 – The ability for multiple CFM players to engage in an online team play CFM Pro Bowl contest

Allow the CFM Pro Bowl to actually be played!! Everyone wants this feature added!! Are you listening EA Sports?? C’mon fellas. Add this in right now.


#2 – The ability to simulate a CFM contest in favor of a particular team

This is an absolute MUST! Currently, you have to leave it up to chance. This should not be. Each online league commissioner needs to have the ability to simulate a CFM contest in favor of one team or the other. Also add in the ability to simulate an individual CFM contest via the website!!


#1 – The ability to have the CFM system automatically save the individual and team statistics for a CFM contest that inadvertently ‘froze’ or was prematurely disconnected and ended

If two players are engaged in an offline contest, and suddenly the power goes out, Madden NFL 15 automatically saves that contest, and allows you to continue playing that same contest without having to play the game over again. This feature should definitely be applied to online CFM contests. NO DOUBT. This feature is MUCH NEEDED. I mean, very much needed.

There you have it. My list of the Top Ten suggestions for improvement for Madden NFL 16, 17, and beyond. EA Sports, it is time for you to take the Connected Franchise Mode to the NEXT LEVEL!!

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Eddy. (  ̄ー ̄)ノ
7 years ago

@Swaggy_PS the celebration thing was in blitz the league and that came out on the ps2 smh

Jamey Burky
Jamey Burky
7 years ago

@EAMaddenNFL Also how about new cities and teams for relocation and new legends to play as?

Brandon MacDonald
7 years ago

@EAMaddenNFL ability to start in off season like in head coach 09

Sherard Allen
7 years ago

@EAMaddenNFL #9, #9, #9! Having to get a QB off the FA heap and the first time you get to test him in out is in game…SUCKS

Sherard Allen
7 years ago

@EAMaddenNFL A small fix but in CFM top stories please update vs telling me everytime somebody is using an alternate jersey.

Jamey Burky
Jamey Burky
7 years ago

@EAMaddenNFL Irked me when the legends, team and cities were the same in Madden 15 as they were in Madden 25