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Destiny Iron Banner Tips


So with a flood of people who barely/never play PvP now entering the heat of the Iron Banner for that lvl30 gear, I’m trying to collect some basic tips and tricks to help you get better.

These are very basic, most will know it, but please add to this in the comments, remember one of them may be on your team in the next round.

1) Objectives work as multipliers to your kill points. You get no points for simply holding objectives. Also, the more players on an objective the faster it will be capped.

2) NEVER go for the third objective. When you hold A and B, do not go for C, this will flip the enemies spawn to A i.e. behind you. Hold 2 objectives, control the choke points and you WILL win the game. DO NOT BE JOHN MOTHERF’ING WAYNE. That dude is dead. I cannot stress how important this is, the only caveat for capping all 3 points is if it’s at the end of a close game or you’re trying to overcome a deficit quickly.

3) Learn how to flip the spawn. I have seen teams spawn at A/C and consistently throw themselves into the meatgrinder of objective B repeatedly, the definition of insanity. If enemy has B well guarded you either attack in force, or you flip the spawn by flanking and taking the corresponding objective on the other side. Even if you fail in flipping the spawn, the distraction of losing an objective behind them will weaken their grip on B.

4) Capture that first point closest to your spawn. When the game starts I see half the players run for B while the others cap point A or B (whichever side you spawn). Everyone on your team gets 75 points for capping an objective. If your whole team caps the first point you will have 450 points, that’s almost 5 base kills. I also think you generally have a better chance at capping B by heading en mass, rather than in ones and twos. This tip is open to disagreement however, some maps have strategically inferior spawn locations where capping the first objective may be detrimental in the long run.

5) Lower-Level Players: gang up. If you are 27 or below you’re gonna have a tougher time against lvl 30’s. Play conservatively and gang up with another lower level player, have your weapons maxed, with good teamwork you can take out any lvl 30. Alternatively, find a higher level player on your team and follow them around, you will get plenty of assists and kill off the guys they didn’t finish.

6) Know your roles and abilities, play to them. Hunters, you are our spec ops; go invisible and flank the shit out of the enemy. Titan brethren, ye who held the Six Fronts, you are the clearing crew. Those lightning grenades can hold a point un-manned. Warlock scholars, that nova bomb can turn a grouped enemy into a pile of ash, Sunsingers use them solar grenades to hold/clear points. If you have Radiance you can 1 man hold a flag. Sacrifice yourself and wait till the enemy gathers around your corpse, then be Fireborn. Or use Radiant Skin to become a walking tank and break through a choke point.

7)USE THE TEAM CHAT. Bungie finally gave it to us, but no one seems to be using it. Get out of your Party and press right on the analog stick when dead to activate team chat. Communication wins every time.

8) HEAVY AMMO: when it pops, look at your radar, if there is no immediate threat then WAIT, there is someone on your team sprinting to get it too. Share the wealth, point at it, dance on it.
Great video detailing the loot from Iron Banner!

via Reddit.

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