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Destiny Tips: How to win in the Crucible!

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Hey guys, I just wanted to throw some general Crucible Tips out there for the guys having a little bit of trouble finding success. These Destiny tips are not restricted to one game variety, but rather all PvP encounters.

1. Know your Guardian: This is tip is really rather easy if you think about it, but many don’t even consider it. Destiny has more variation in player customization than preceding Bungie games, so each and every Guardian’s loadout will have their very own personal strengths and weaknesses that you need to be mindful of. If you’re working with a Shotgun, it is most likely not in your ideal curiosity to venture down extended hallways, or if you are using a Sniper, you shouldn’t genuinely be sprinting all-get-out close to corners. Really don’t just limit this to weapons, take into account what perks you have selected, and play to these strengths. Again, this appears like it might be common sense, but it should be something that you’re contemplating at all times.

2. Use your Super: A mistake that I constantly manufactured when I first picked up Destiny was I would both forgot to consistently use my Super, or I would consider to hold onto it for too prolonged. The reality is you should be attempting to discover a circumstance to use your Super as usually as you can. Bear in mind, you don’t acquire anything by holding on to the Super for a longer time period of time—it’s not like your Super will get stronger if you wait to use it. If your Super is up, you ought to be searching to use it ASAP, either by activating it instantly for whatever enhance it provides you or by placing yourself in a situation in which you can maximize its effectiveness. Either way, don’t hold onto that Super for prolonged periods. While it is not fairly a “free kill”, it is most definitely “free stats”, so there is no genuine purpose NOT to use it.

3. Remain with each other: You will observe I didn’t say “stay grouped”, and that is a important distinction to make. You really don’t want to be so shut together that a single well positioned Super or Grenade will wipe out half your crew. However, by staying near your teammates, you give yourself a secure zone to retreat into, and you also give your enemy more targets to distract them away from you. A staff tactic that was pioneered in Halo (I think) is trading shields, where you consistently get turns tanking fire in gunfights, so that if your shields get reduced your teammate measures in and basically tags you out right up until your shields recharge. Although the lack of teamspeak may well make this harder, the idea stays: if your shields get dropped whilst you’re in a firefight, hide amongst your teammates till they recharge.

4. Don’t get greedy: This is something that I believe even good gamers will screw up on occasionally, just because it’s so simple to get caught up in the chaotic pace of the Crucible. If you drop someone’s shields and they go running away and close to a corner, really do not just blindly chase them, due to the fact a lot more usually than not they’ll have pulled out a shotgun and are waiting for you about the corner. By chasing somebody down, you are putting oneself in their zone of manage and letting them set the speed of the fight, even if their shields are low. As hard as it can be to let a potential kill go, it’s not worth the threat of pursuing without knowing what your opponent may well have up their sleeve. If you have Rockets or Grenades, then by all means, use your tools to flush your enemy out, but really do not simply chase blindly.

5. Prioritize your targets: This is one particular of the much more difficult techniques to get down, simply because there is no universally correct way to do this. It’s actually less difficult to tackle how not to prioritize targets, so we’ll start there: a whole lot of people new to the FPS genre will have a tough time deciding which target to emphasis on when presented with multiple possibilities, and will panic and end up carrying out minimal damage to a number of enemies rather than securing the kill on just a single or two targets. The brief response for prioritizing is figuring out which target is the greatest threat to your capability to kill. If you are at a mid-to-prolonged variety distance among a amount of targets, you almost certainly do not want to emphasis on the man working a Shotgun. Nevertheless, if he’s the only guy that is spotted you and he’s commenced to bum-rush you, you should definitely consider to drop him 1st, as he presents the largest risk. Keep track of what weapons your targets are utilizing, as effectively as what they are targeted on. Ultimately, it’s virtually always much better that you manage to destroy even just one target, rather than just get splash injury across 4 enemies. The reason why this method is so difficult to get down is that there are so many variables at play you want to try out to hold track of what weapons your enemies have, as effectively as what powers could or may not be up. There is no shortcut here, so the ideal factor that will support you here is experience. The most essential thing here is to make sure that you focus a single enemy at a time.

6. Use your radar: The radar function is what sets Destiny apart from most other FPS’s in the industry. It tells you the common location of your opponents and whether or not they are on the exact same vertical plane as you, but that’s actually about it. Past that, you really do not know how healthy they are, what weapon they have, if they’ve activated their Super, etc. All you actually know is that someone is shut to you, and the selection of the radar signifies you are offered just enough time to react with that info. There isn’t some master tip for this one particular, unfortunately—just integrate the other ideas and figure out your strategy of assault. Also, usually try out to preserve an eye on the radar you really don’t want to be that man that dies simply because he was flanked whilst he tunnel-visioned down his scope. On the other hand, do not invest so a lot time staring at the map that you get picked off by someone just out of the radar’s reach.

7. You can crouch: Yeah, you can crouch and you will momentarily disappear off the enemy’s radar. This is not long lasting, however—it’s not like the Halo model where you entirely fall off the map. As an alternative, you will still pulse on the enemy’s radar once each few seconds. The critical element here, however, is that you instantly vanish when you initial duck. In the occasion that your shields get dropped and you’re striving to evade your pursuer, you can drop into a crouch and buy yourself a couple of crucial seconds with which to plan out your next program of action. It is not fool-proof, but it can perform as a stalling tactic and can save your life in the right circumstance.

8. Control the engagement: I’d say that this tip is a blend of suggestions 1, 4, and 7. Essentially, place yourself in a scenario in which you can the two maximize your lethality, and minimize your opponents. If the exchange isn’t going in your favor—say you are outshot or ambushed—then get out of the engagement and figure it out from there. If you see that your opponent has a heavy weapon or a Super, get the hell out of there. Really do not get yourself in a bad firefight for no reason as you do not get any added EXP for bravery.

9. Shoot the head (unless they have shields): As everyone need to know at this point, headshot s(or Precision Shots) do a ridiculous volume of bonus damage. Therefore, you should often be seeking to try out to land headshots in PvP in buy to maximize your lethality. Nonetheless, you’ll want to keep in mind that headshots really do not do bonus injury if the enemy’s shields are up, so you really do not have to tunnel in attempting to land the headshots initially. It is excellent practice, nevertheless, to keep your reticle on the head, if only to make sure that you do not have to adjust your shot after you drop your target’s shields. Concentrate on the head and you’ll find yourself winning way a lot more gunfights than if you just sprayed and prayed.

10. Don’t assume: Significantly, really do not ever presume anything at all. Don’t assume that an enemy doesn’t have their Super prepared, or that they are not waiting all around the corner for you with a Shotgun, or that they don’t have their complete crew lying in wait for you. Often be prepared for the worst feasible final result so that it is significantly less most likely that you are caught off guard. And specially by no means assume that your teammates noticed anything that you did—it’s extremely probable that an enemy will run right by your teammate and they will not even turn to help you out, due to the vague radar system. Be conscious that I’m not saying that you ought to constantly be frightened, but alternatively I’ m saying be intelligent and be ready.


Did these tips help you? What other Destiny Tips would you like us to do next?


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Michael Towner
7 years ago

So many have complained that Destiny didn’t do a good job about player customization and that every Guardian is very similar to the other. I strongly disagree. While Bungie didn’t do the best they could, they sure did leave you a lot of options to pick from and they all matter in the end.

When I first started playing I would really stay in other players back and that would get us all killed. I also learned not to be greedy after getting annihilated a couple of times ;)!