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EA Access: The Best Deal in Gaming?


EA Access was launched in August of 2014 and it was an attempt to rethink how games shall be purchased in the future. The idea, simple enough was a subscription based model that would charge consumers a set amount ($4.99/month) and allow them to play a variety of titles throughout EA’s vast catalog.

Fans of the Battlefield series can enjoy not only Battlefield 4 but also the Second Assault DLC.

EA however didn’t go into this endeavor alone, as they struck a deal with Microsoft making EA Access an Xbox One only commodity. Originally it was said to be available for both Xbox One and Playstation 4 but then Sony decided against offering the service citing that there wasn’t enough value to be had for consumers. However, In recent months EA has added a variety of semi-new and still very relevant titles proving the EA ACCESS to quietly become the best value in all of Video gaming. Perhaps a partnership with Sony will still happen at some point.

FIFA 14, EA’s first Soccer Sim on next gen is currently available in the Vault with FIFA 15 surely to be added eventually.

Here is a list of games available currently in the EA Vault:

*Battlefield 4 (+ Second Assault DLC Pack)
*Peggle 2
*FIFA 14
*Madden 25
*Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
*EA Sports UFC
*Need for Speed Rivals
*NBA Live 15
*Madden 15
*NHL 2015 ( Recently added on 4/9 )

NHL 15 is the latest title to be added to the EA Access Vault. With the NHL playoffs looming now is the time to hit the virtual ice
NHL 15 is the latest title to be added to the EA Access Vault. With the NHL playoffs looming now is the time to hit the virtual ice

Not only are a lot of these sports titles still the newest incarnations, EA has vouched to never remove any games from the Vault adding more value to the subscription service constantly. Another added perk for gamers with EA Access is the ability to play EA’s newest titles days before they officially launch. It allows you to play a game before it’s release day for a certain amount of time, usually between 6 and 10 hours.

Currently, Sony offers a similar service to EA Access called “Playstation Now” in which gamers can either choose to stream from a catalog of 100+ games for a monthly fee ($19.99) or rent games a la carte in a “pay per day” fashion.

NBA Live 15 is another example of a fairly new game available in the Vault.

Ubisoft and Square Enix are also said to be experimenting with the idea of starting its own cloud gaming service and as we move further into the digital era of video game purchasing we are sure to see other companies trying to explore new avenues to reach their customer base.

For now, EA Access proves to be some of the very best value in all of gaming at just under $60 per year and the added fact that no games will ever be removed from the library, seems to make it an easy buy for gamers of all budgets.

What do you guys think of EA Access? What are some of the games you guys would like to see available in the Vault? Comment, Like and share below and stay tuned to SGO for all the latest in the gaming world.

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@HitThePass Yes! If you got a XB1 get this service.