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FIFA 15 Tips: The Wing Attack


Attacking from the wing will take a little bit of patience and knowing when to go for it is key. First order of business is gaining possession and using short, SAFE passes to keep possession of the ball. Try to establish a passing game between your CM’s, CB’s and RM/LM’s. Don’t be afraid of passing the ball back and changing sides, if the defenders on one side are not giving you much to work with.  You will always want to pay attention to your players on the wing moving without the ball. Once you see a player initiate a run forward, get the ball to him either via through ball or through lob. This takes some practice but will pass the ball to your player in stride rather than directly to him where he could lose costly seconds trying to handle the ball. Now your winger should be running in stride with the ball somewhere along the sideline. Do not get too fancy with the dribble stick, only using it to lead the ball. Try to watch the behavior of your strikers and if they are trailing, you may have to hold off on a high cross until they are in position to make a play on the ball. Be opportunistic and if the defender is catching up to you or threatens to take the ball, cross it into the box. From my experience, more times than not, good things will happen when passing it in the box. You may not always get that beautiful header or scissor kick on target but you will still have a chance to score if the keeper or defenders misplay the ball.

I hope these Fifa 15 Tips helped you guys score more goals and beat stiffer online competition. Remember that practice makes perfect and attacking over the wings can be one of the most lethal skills to have, when applied correctly. Please also check out the embedded video above for examples on how to apply this technique. As always, please “Like”, Share and comment below, subscribe on YouTube and let me know if these tips were useful to you guys.

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