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Madden 15: CFM Change in Philosophy

As most of us hover around the mid-way point of Season 1 of our Madden Connected Franchises, we’re all realizing one big change in the philosophy of team-building for this version.  No longer is it a simple task to grab young players who are stacked with valuable attributes and build them up quickly through AWR, PRC and so on.  The days are over where SPD, ACC, AGI and STR are the ONLY attributes that matter as now the “complete” player means a whole lot more to a team.

Building a player with XP is now a much slower and tedious process.  For those owners who copied their M13 and M25 strategy of going young, despite their lack of the AWR attribute are now hurting as they realize it’s tough to play with a 45 AWR and 52 PRC Starting Safety.  Are the more expensive attributes still the ones to look for in an acquisition?  Abso-freaking-lutely.  However, having a balanced team and veterans to plug into starting roles WHILE you develop the youngsters you want to is the key to building a successful franchise in Madden 15.

If you were one of the those guys who’s currently feeling the sting of not realizing XP is a lot slower this year, don’t worry just yet:  there are still 5+ seasons left in your Madden Franchise for M15.

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