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Madden 15 Running Tips: The Importance of the Running Game


In Madden 15 the run game is of prime importance.  Forget all the sexy rocket catches and jet packs of the past, this year’s Madden is all about running the ball.  Let’s discuss 3 reasons why the run game is so important and I will provide several Madden 15 Running Tips to make your run game more effective.

  1. Keeps Your Opponent Honest

The run game keeps people out of funny, ridiculous defenses.  Make people play honest.  When you see some crazy, lopsided defense… run at it!  Get your opponent out of these felonious defenses that penetrate your pocket quicker than gold diggers on Christmas. Make him respect the run and bring players into the box while limiting his options defensively.

  1. It’s Easy

If you can read a defense and diagnose the weakness, you can easily dial up a run for a low risk, high reward gain.  Passing is risky.  One bad read and you can throw a pick.  Sometimes you can make good reads and your QB might throw the ball 10 yards down field for no reason.  Why pass it when you can pound someone’s face in?

  1. Control the Clock

When you control the ground game, you control the clock and the pace of the game. This is so important to play Madden at a high level.  Most tournaments are 4 minute quarters, which is extremely short.  Your opponent will break once he sees the seconds and minutes tick off the clock while he is down 7 in the 4th quarter.  Simply put, the run game steals your opponents heart quicker than Kano.  Yeah, that’s a Mortal Kombat reference.


So How Do You Run The Ball Effectively?

Well you need to be able to count fronts and understand where runs are designed to go.  A few simple rules can help you.

  1. Run to the side where you have one more blocker than your opponent has defenders.
  2. Have an inside run and an outside run in your audibles to allow you to attack the defense anywhere.
  3. Run out of sets that you can also pass effectively in.

For more on the run game check out the video below where I completely destroy my opponent in an online match.  I stuff the ball down his throat all game simply because he tries running the 1-5-5 Shake at me. In the video I discuss the runs I utilize and what I see as I look at the defense.

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7 years ago

I can’t believe people come in one defense all game lol. I don’t think I ever even run the same PLAY twice.