In Madden 15 it took me a while to figure out a way to user catch streaks after lots of hours in practice mode I finally found a way that works consistently. I have yet to play anyone else who also uses this method and it has helped me win lots of games!

To do it is as follows:

  • Get a receiver on the outside who i would suggest is at least 6-1 or taller I use the Ravens and Titans so someone like  Justin Hunter or Marlon Brown.
  • Preferably out of a Shotgun Formation
  • Snap the ball
  • Take about 2 steps back
  • Run forward while holding L2 and R2 and bullet pass
  • As your QB begins to run towards the line of scrimmage let go of the left stick
  • Continue Holding L2 and R2 the whole time and cut in front of the corner jump up and catch the ball.

Through lots of trial and Error I have found out when and when not to throw this:

COVER 3- Is ideal and with a good throw 90% consistent (BEST)

COVER 2- You must make a strong cut in with the WR because of the safety over the top. (GOOD)

COVER 4- Decent but it’s usually vs 2 guys so it’s not as effective. (OK)

2 MAN UNDER- Do not throw against as you will likely get picked off. (WORST)

Here is a video of me explaining my method more in detail:


I hope you guys enjoyed the video and find a way to incorporate this into your scheme on offense because it can be very effective if you can master it!  Stay tuned to more Madden 15 Tips from me on Sports Gamers Online.

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