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Madden 16 Connected Franchise Scouting and Draft Guide

Our Madden 16 Connected Franchise Scouting and Draft Guide breaks down the scouted letters and combine results for all of the undrafted prospects, giving you a jump on the competition! I’ve seen a few people ask for info when it comes to the scouted letters and combine results, and what those letters and numbers translate to. Checkout the video and guide to know exactly what to look for when scouting and drafting in CFM. You can find our Madden NFL Fantasy Draft Guide here.

When scouting try to narrow it down to positions of needs and scout every player for that position. Initially scout the first two skills and if they are C+ or higher come back later to uncover the third. Don’t waste your time scouting the second or third skill if the first is rated C+ or worse. Once you have the players at your position of need with good ratings at them to your board.

STRENGTH is based on bench press reps. The highest I’ve seen is 44 reps, which was 97 strength, but usually the highest is 41 reps, with 4 reps being the lowest. Any reps under 28 go down in descending order but can have two or more results, so 23 reps can equal 76/75 strength.

SPEED is based on the 40 yard dash and translates as follows (40yd – speed). Haven’t seen a time under 5.59, and I haven’t seen anyone with speed 99, though following the pattern a 99 speed would be a 40 yard dash time of 4.24.

ACCELERATION and AGILITY  are based on the 3 cone and 20 yard shuttle. You are looking for players whose 3 cone is 7.00 secs or under, and the 20 yard shuttle is around 4.00 secs or under, then the results should be around the 90 mark or better.

Below is a list of the scouted skills and what the letters translate to that wil you determine the combine results:

Special thanks to ArtyDoubleYou and Mustang 1718 for this data.

Hopefully you guys get good use out of this Madden 16 Draft Guide. Check back daily for the latest Madden 16 Connected Franchise Tips and Tactics here at SGO.

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