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Could Superstar Mode Be Like MyPlayer for Madden?


What ever happened to the Be a Superstar Mode? Yes we have this type of mode in the connected franchise but I think many of us would agree that it majorly lacks presentation! This is the reason that the mode has lost popularity in recent years. I remember back in the old Madden’s when you were able to create your own player, hire a agent, go through the combine and that would determine your draft stock.

This was a mode that fans absolutely loved and for some reason it has been gone in recent years and my main question is why? Did EA simply just give up on it. Have they not noticed the major success of NBA’s MyPlayer and how fans crave a real life NFL player Experience. If Madden Features a mode just like My Player combined with the amazing online experience that 2K lacks would that automatically make that Madden the greatest game ever in the series?

After creating and customizing your player you could start the NFL draft process which is one that would be absolutely epic to replicate. You could run through all the combine drills, run the 40, and do the specific drills depending on what position you want to play. Now just imagine the draft interview process you could talk to all the head coaches and owners and give answers that would help determine who you would get drafted by.

The draft would be just the beginning, they could replicate practices and those could help determine if you would get a chance to play!  I don’t know if it’s just me but just automatically being rewarded the starting lineup is so unrewarding. The true rush comes from when you walk into the GMs office and after all the time you spent to better your player you get your chance. You have to perform in order to keep your roster spot as it’s not guaranteed.

Now every player wants to be successful, but in the long run you wanna have a reason to keep playing and that would be the hope of growing your legacy and eventually retiring with a resume that will take you into the Hall Of Fame! Winning Super Bowls and MVP awards would just be the beginning, the hope of joining the likes of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice would be the true goal and make the longevity of this mode endless.

The majority of us gamers will never get a chance to really experience what the NFL is like and though this mode wouldn’t be even close to totally accurate it would really take the madden series to the next level. Imagine being a rookie receiver drafted by the Patriots and having meetings with Tom Brady to work on your routes and the game plan for the upcoming week. This is the kind of presentation that takes a game to the next level. They could integrate pre and post game interviews as well as locker room interactions as well.

So will Madden ever Upgrade the Create A Superstar Mode or can we expect the same dull experience we have had through the last few years? Leave your thoughts and let me know if you would be just as excited as I would for a Madden create-a-player experiences like NBA 2K’s MyCareer mode.

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Kevin Finley
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6 years ago

I agree they’ve taken out some fun stuff out of madden

Josh Denson
6 years ago

make it 1st person . Then I’ll be interested.