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Madden NFL 17 Tips: How to Return Kickoffs for Touchdowns

Madden 17 Tips Kickoff Returns for TDs

Here is our method for returning kickoffs for touchdowns in Madden 17. It’s definitely a little different than last year as defenders do a better job of maintaining their lanes and getting off blocks this year compared to Madden 16.

This year you don’t have to rely on any jukes or moves to break free on a return but you do want a 94+ speed return man as speed makes ALL the difference in being successful on kick returns this year.

First you want to be sure to select kick return middle on the return. If that’s not available you can always audible to return middle before the ball is kicked off by pressing square twice on PS4 or X twice on Xbox One.

Similar to last year the key to a successful return is getting the kickoff team out of position and out of their coverage lanes. Even though they do a much better job of preventing that this year you can still do it, here is how.

When you receive the ball on the return you want to turbo at a sharp angle in the direction opposite of where you want to wind up. You can see the defenders aggressively react to your turbo in that direction.

After that initial burst when you receive the ball. LET OFF THE SPRINT!

This is very important as it not only saves your stamina but it also it will also give you that sudden burst you need to break the return wide open.

Once you have the kick off coverage out of position hit the turbo and burst back in the opposite direction. When you cut back your blockers should be in perfect position for down blocks on the coverage team to create an opening for your return.

To Summarize:

1. Choose Return Middle.
2. Sprint (R1/R2) away from your blockers as soon as you catch the ball.
3. Wait until the coverage team changes direction.
4. Make a sharp turn and Sprint back towards your blockers.
5. The downblocks should create a cutback lane or opening on the outside.
6. Take it to the house!

Just like last year this isn’t something you can take to the field right away, get into practice mode on kickoff only and practice this! Once you master how to setup your blocks you will have much more success in taking them back to the house!

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