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MLB The Show 19: Signature Series and Diamond Dynasty Notes

On March 11th, Gamestop ran their weekly “Gamestop Monday” which has been closely tied to the MLB The Show franchise. This week they revealed the “Signature Series” which is new to the existing Diamond Dynasty mode.

For those new to Diamond Dynasty, it is your typical Ultimate Team game where you collect cards to form your team. The rating and rarity of the cards come into play as a bronze card of a player will never be better or more attractive than a diamond card of the same player.

Signature Series is new to MLB The Show 19 and acts as the highest rarity – and overall best – card that player can have in Diamond Dynasty. These cards will be rated 99 overall and San Diego Studios promises that “there will be a lot of them”.

To compound this, they spoke about the lack of depth in MLB The Show 18 when it came to certain position. They highlighted third base as a problem last year with only Chipper Jones and George Brett receiving Immortal status. While there are other famous and certainly legendary third basemen throughout the history of baseball, no one else came close to their level.

To alleviate this problem, San Diego Studios used the third base example as a position that will receive an almost complete overhaul and should have more depth than it did in The Show 18’s game.

Not only should the signature series provide depth for players, it should also provide flexibility. San Diego Studios told us that some of these Signature Series cards will be given a secondary position. This is incredibly important for varied lineups, but also hearkens back to the depth that they acknowledged was missing.

The last point the studio touched on was how to get these Signature Series cards. They won’t only be mission based like some diamond cards are now. There will be multiple pathways you can take to acquire these cards. Yes, some of them will be skill based and only available to higher skilled players, but they won’t all be that way.

The team will be revealing more about Signature Series and Diamond Dynasty in a March 14, 2019 stream on their Twitch channel.

So what do you think about the Signature Series cards? Love them, hate them? Do you despise Diamond Dynasty all together? Let us know in the comments below or pop into our forums and sound off!

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