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NBA 2K15 MyTeam Tips: Players for Teams on a Low Budget


MyTeam mode can be the source of both fun and frustration. It can be hard to compete with super teams in Road to the Playoffs even after completing the Domination mode. Winning has become almost pay to win to beat the lineups of players who have dropped real money on VC. I have come up with a list of players at each position that I believe are “steals”. These players might not be the cheapest Gold and Silver Cards but they represent the most bang for your buck. This list will provide general info on each player I have chosen including, ideal price range, height, weight, general strengths and weakness and how to use each player effectively. If you enjoy this guide be sure to checkout our other NBA 2K Tips.

Gold PG: John WallIMG_20141215_170447

HT: 6’4” WT: 195  Overall: 86

Steal Price: 4,000-6,500

Strengths: Attacking the Rim, Passing, Athleticism, Defense

Weakness: Outside Shooting, Turnover Prone

How to use Effectively: PUSH!!! Outlet right to Wall and push it up the court. He can control the pace of the game. I am not saying sprint right to the paint and try and dunk on everyone, but I am saying is, after a defensive rebound his ability to beat almost everyone up the floor is valuable. If he gets by his man then someone else will have to pick him up to stop him from getting to the rim, meaning there is a new man open. Drive and kick is the best option with Wall. His stand still three is useable but don’t force anything. Defensively he can hang with almost any PG or SG given his size and athleticism. He is a great counter attack to Curry abusers.

Avoid: Settling for Jumpers, Trying to Dunk on Everyone


Legend PG: John Stockton

HT: 6’1” WT: 170 Overall: 87

Steal Price: 10,000-15,000

Strengths: Passing, Pick and Roll, Defense, Perimeter Shooting

Weakness: Athleticism, Finishing

How to use Effectively: Stating the obvious here but pick and roll game. Match him up with a guy that can pop or roll and that’s good enough for an offense right there. Spend some time learning how to read the pick and roll game in 2K and its hard not to find a shot. Coming off screens he is money from midrange despite his ratings not being too high. Scrappy defender, look to bring him down to double in the post. His high steal rating will produce a handful of steals a game.

Avoid: Trying to do too Much, Shooting to Score not When Open, Taking it to the Rim in Traffic


Silver PG: Greivis VasquezIMG_20141216_190643

HT: 6’6” WT: 211 Overall: 77

Price: 1,500-3,000

Strengths: Jump Shooting, Passing, Versatility

Weaknesses: Athleticism, Defensive Quickness

How to use Effectively:  Probably best to have him off the bench unless you are in a pinch. Can hit outside shots off the catch or dribble. Best to only shoot when open, don’t force shots he isn’t that kind of player. Pick and roll is a good option but be wary, his finishing skills are not the best but if he can get to the line he is money. Defensively he isn’t a star but his size can make up for his speed at times and his ability to guard both guard positions is a great bonus.

Avoid: Contested Layups, One on One Defense, Forcing Shots


Gold SG: Monta EllisNBA2K15_myteam_budget_players-monta

HT: 6’3” WT: 185 Overall: 82

Price: 3,500-5,000

Strengths: Attacking the Rim, Instant Offense, Play Making, Steals

Weaknesses: Size, Defense

How to use Effectively:  Monta is an ideal first guard off the bench, sixth man type. Starter quality but if you have a quality, true SG I would bring Monta off the bench. Get to the rim. Monta is not only great at finishing at the rim but also passing while attacking. Nice midrange game and off the dribble but not knockdown by any means. Run in transition, Monta is one of the fastest players in the game and is a great playmaker on the break.

Avoid: Spot up Shooting, Guarding big SGs


Legend SG: Steve Smithnba2k15_myplayer_steve_smith

HT: 6’8” WT: 220 Overall: 84

Price: 7,000-10,000

Strengths: Jump Shooting, Passing, Versatility

Weaknesses: Jack of All Trades, Master of None

How to effectively use Steve Smith: Listed as a 6’8” SG/PG makes him very versatile, can play PG/SG/SF. Has good passing for his position. He can create for himself pretty much at will from midrange but don’t fall in love with his three shooting, something about his release is a bit off. Decent finisher but still look to get to the rim, he has a ridiculous layup package. Let him hit a shot or two before going to him in an iso situation. Defensively he is solid and nothing more. If guarding PGs he is a bit slow but his height makes up for it.

Avoid: Chucking, Guarding PGs


Silver: Alec BurksIMG_20141216_190652

HT: 6’6 WT: 211 Overall: 76

Price: 1,000-1,500

Strengths: Catch and Shoot, Play Making

Weaknesses: Defense, Finishing

How to use Effectively:  Mostly catch and shoot on offense but can beat players off the dribble at times. Bench scoring is a roll he is more than suited for. As a 6’6” combo guard he has some good defensive value and bench value because of his versatility which for me is a big thing.

Avoid: Off Balance Shots, Starting, Close Range

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7 years ago

great article,very useful,I’ve tried out steve smith and lou hudson and they are should check out terry porter ,thanks

SGO Thermal
7 years ago
Reply to  jonathan

Thanks for the feedback Jonathan. We will be coming out with new myteam tips this week!