Mar 4, 2021
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NBA 2K15 MyTeam Tips: Players for Teams on a Low Budget

Gold SF: Rudy GayNBA2K15_myteam_budget_players_rudygay

HT: 6’8” WT: 230 Overall: 82

Price: 4,000-5,000

Strengths: Finishing, Athleticism, Release, Versatility

Weaknesses: In-Between Game, Reliable Jump Shooting

How to use Effectively: Getting to the rim should be the number one priority but he doesn’t have to dunk it every time to get two points. Lay off the sprint button sometimes when driving to the rim, Rudy seems to make more layups than you would expect. Baseline drives with Rudy are a good idea and don’t be afraid to pull up but don’t fall in love with his inconsistent jumper. Best used as a spot up three shooter when not attacking the rim. His rebounding stats make it a realistic option to run him at PF while playing small ball and still grab some boards from the position. Defensively he can be a problem due to his decent defense paired with great athleticism and good size.

Avoid: Trying to Dunk Everytime, Off the Dribble Mid-range, Contested Threes


Legend SF: Lou HudsonIMG_20141216_190658

HT: 6’5” WT: 210 Overall: 84

Price: 9,000-10,000

Strengths: Creating off Dribble, Finishing, Midrange

Weaknesses: Size for Position, Rebounding, Defense

How to use Effectively:  I typically like to dish to Lou on the perimeter, throw up a pump, then take it to the rim or if a big man is waiting pull up from midrange. Mid-range game is straight fire. Not automatic from three but useful and trustworthy three point shooter, not a typical catch and shoot player though. His finishing ability in both layup and dunk are excellent so his priority should be attacking. Might be a good option to run him at SG, or at least have him cover SGs because his size and defense for SFs really isn’t useful against all of the elite SFs in this game.

Avoid: Covering Strong Tall SFs


Silver SF: Evan Turnernba2k15_myplayer_evan_turner

HT: 6’7” WT: 220 Overall: 76

Price: 1,000-2,000

Strengths: Jack of All Trades

Weaknesses: Master of None

How to use Effectively:  The second time I have used the phrase “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” but nobody exemplifies this trait more than Evan Turner. A scoring wing with point guard skills he makes for a great bench player who can play PG,SG,SF easily. He has decent jumpshooting ability from three and midrange. His dribble penetration paired with his passing skills make him a good second unit offense runner. He is a good athlete outside of his leaping ability but his defense leaves something to be desired.

Avoid: Spot up Jump Shooting, Layups vs Legit Rim Protectors, Guarding Elite SFs


PF: Serge Ibakanba2k15_myplayer_serge_ibaka

HT: 6’10” WT: 245 Overall: 84

Price: 3,000-4,500

Strengths: Defense, Pick and Roll/Pop, Athleticism

Weaknesses: Back to the Basket Offense, Offensive Usability

How to use Effectively:  Ibaka is an elite defender with great shot blocking ability and great low post defense. His midrange game is nice but won’t make many contested jumpers. He has three point range but I wouldn’t test his luck out there. Not going to beat anyone off the dribble or back to the basket. Pick and Pop is a good way to get him involved but don’t forget after popping that driving is still a good choice despite his great mid-range game.

Avoid: Relying on him for Scoring, Threes


Legend PF: Terry Cummingsnba2k15_myplayer_terry_cummings

HT: 6’9” WT: 220 Overall: 85

Price: 4,000-5,500

Strengths: Back to the Basket, Athleticism

Weaknesses: Shooting Range, Size, Shot Blocking

How to use Effectively:  The best way to get Terry involved in the offense is dumping it into him on the low block and finding him in transition. Ridiculous athlete for his position and can run with almost anyone on the court. Post fade is nice but know its range. Pick and roll is a good option as he is a good finisher. Rebounding is good not great but his good passing makes him a great outlet passer to start fast breaks. Defensively his is neither a liability nor an asset but make sure to play a big defensive center next to him if possible because he provides little rim protection.

Avoid: 17+ Foot Jumpers

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jonathan Jan 6, 2015 at 8:16 AM

great article,very useful,I’ve tried out steve smith and lou hudson and they are should check out terry porter ,thanks

SGO Thermal
SGO Thermal Jan 6, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Thanks for the feedback Jonathan. We will be coming out with new myteam tips this week!

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