Mar 4, 2021
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NBA 2K15 MyTeam Tips: Players for Teams on a Low Budget

Silver: Thaddeus Youngnba2k15_myplayer_thadeus_young

HT: 6’8” WT: 230 Overall: 78

Price: 1,500-2,500

Strengths: All Around Game, Inside Scoring, Speed and Quickness for the Position

Weaknesses: Size, Defense, Rebounding

How to use Effectively:  Thad is another PF that is a great athlete, which helps make up for his nothing special rebounding abilities. His pick and pop game is on point. Thad has a nice release with three point range but best to keep him in the midrange area. Listed as a PF/SF he has the offensive game more like a big with decent shooting but defensively he is more suited to guarding big SFs. A good discount defensive answer for players like Melo and LeBron.

Avoid: Threes, Guarding Legit PFs


Gold C: Chris BoshNBA2K15_myteam_budget_players_bosh

HT: 6’11” WT: 235 Overall: 84

Price: 4,000-5,000

Strengths: Shooting, Back to the Basket Scoring and Playmaking

Weaknesses: Strength, Guarding Legit Centers, Rebounding

How to use Effectively:  Pick and Pop is probably the best way to get Bosh active in the offense. Knockdown from midrange and reliable from three, he is a beast of a shooting bigman. Really more of a PF than a Center he should probably be played at PF the majority of the time unless he is the Center in a small ball lineup. His pretty much a nightmare to defend and his deep shooting ability will draw his defender away from the rim, leaving the path to the hoop less clogged for the rest of the team. Nice back to the basket game but don’t let him become a black hole on offense. He is best used as a secondary or tertiary scoring option. Defensively he is a bit weak but can hold his own and is great in the pick and roll defense.

Avoid: Playing at C against Legit C’s, Forcing Threes


Legend C: Brad Daughertynba2k15_myplayer_brad_daughtery

HT: 7’0” WT: 245 Overall: 84

Price: 4,000-5,500

Strengths: Inside Scoring, Back to the Basket Scoring

Weaknesses: Rim Protection

How to use Effectively:  Brad is a monster on the low block, dump in into him and if left single teamed he is almost automatic. Post fade and hook are both excellent and good post footwork for drop and hop steps. Nice 15 foot and under jumper but only if wide open. Good defensive rebounder but lacks offensive rebounding. Not an athlete so play below the rim, offers just about no shot blocking but other than that a solid defensive player.

Avoid: 17+ Foot Midrange, Off the Dribble Offence


Silver C: Jordan Hillnba2k15_myplayer_jordan_hill

HT: 6’10” WT: 235 Overall: 76

Price: 1,250-2,500

Strengths: Inside Finishing, Putbacks, Bunny to Mid-range Jumper, Rebounding

Weaknesses: Reliability, Defensive Awareness

How to use Effectively:  Don’t look to use Jordan Hill if you want to use him effectively. Meaning he really shouldn’t be part of an offense unless it’s a putback, drop off pass, or expiring shot clock but the man does the dirty work. Great Screen setter and probably best used in the pick and roll so that the lane stays open for the ball handler. A good rebound and shot blocker is never out of place on a good team and while he might not be a scoring option that is why there are four other positions out there. Hard to find a better off the bench silver big than Jordan at the prices that he is going at.

Avoid: Offensive Usage

Hopefully for the players with a shortage of MT can find players for cheap that fit their needs after reading this. Remember the most important this about finding players for a team is the fit. There are certainly players better than the ones I discussed but know the offense and defense and pick players that would be the best fits for the team.  2K can sometimes make it hard to win with users buying solid gold lineups but remember skill and team chemistry can beat a kid with a credit card.

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jonathan Jan 6, 2015 at 8:16 AM

great article,very useful,I’ve tried out steve smith and lou hudson and they are should check out terry porter ,thanks

SGO Thermal
SGO Thermal Jan 6, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Thanks for the feedback Jonathan. We will be coming out with new myteam tips this week!

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