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NBA 2K16 My Career Tips: How to Become a Superstar


Here are several NBA 2K16 My Career Tips to build a successful career as an NBA Star at any Position, these tips will benefit Park play as well.

NBA 2K16 introduces an attribute cap for positions, so you need to be extra careful in choosing which player you choose and how you’re going to play that position. The weight of your player won’t have an impact on how quick or strong your player is, but rather the position of your player will. That means that creating a C will make it a lot harder to run the length of the court on a fast-break than it has been in past years. If you want to run the court and be constantly involved with ball movement and pacing, then one of the guard positions is probably ideal.

• Maximize VC (Virtual Currency) earnings. To get the most VC out of each game play on “Hall of Fame”Difficulty this will multiply each games total VC earnings by 2 (x2.00), This can be done by going to “Options” then “Gameplay Settings”.

• Always play 12 minute quarters as this will help earn Large amounts of VC every game, Default quarter length is six minutes so playing twelve minute quarters effectively doubles the game time allowing the user to have more court time therefore gaining more VC. If this gets to be too long remember you can Save and Quit mid-game and come back later to finish, Welcome to a real 12 Minute NBA Basketball game.


• Play for a Team that complements your personal play style and position. After being drafted to your respective Team you’ll play through one whole Season. Feel free to sim a few games to make the season finish faster 82 games can be a lot. (BEWARE NO VC CAN BE EARNED FROM A SIMULATED GAME). Don’t forget to build up your players Attributes throughout the season. This can be done by Selecting “Player Upgrades” then “Attribute upgrades”. After your teams season is over you’ll be given the option to ask for a trade IF you do wish to be traded you can select 3 teams that you’re interested in. Remember to make the team you’re most interested in the top on the list. Also be sure to select a Team that already has players to compliment your players/personal play style. For example if you’re a Small Forward Selecting Oklahoma City Thunder is probably a bad idea because they have Kevin Durant, you want to try to put yourself on a team where you can have a chance to be an immediate starter but at the same time not replace a current star. Try to Team up with the strongest starters possible. For example I play as A Small Forward for the Phoenix Suns and we have strong Point Guard play with Goran Dragic and Eric Bledsoe, Isaiah Thomas and Mason Plumlee in the post as a Center so me at the Small Forward is perfect for covering 3 out of 5 positions on the floor at any time.


• Once your comfortable on a Team play as many games as possible to earn and save VC to spend on your players strong points. Once again this is where 12 minute quarters and HOF (Hall of Fame) difficulty will benefit greatly. You can receive VC bonuses from Milestone’s based upon Scoring, Teammate grade, Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, Field Goal Percentage, Dunks and more.


• Choosing the right Jumpshot. Different Jumpshot releases can be bought and selected under “Player Upgrades” then “NBA Animations” you can find many current NBA player shooting animations and Legends as well.  I suggest trying out Vince Carter’s Jump Shot also I have been successful using Ray Allen’s, Michael Jordan’s and Carmelo Anthony’s. Be sure to test it out a few times in game especially before passing final judgment.


• Space the floor, put yourself in the best position to score every play and never give up or play lazily. Keep in mind My Career games can be saved and finished later. Also I Recommend playing on Camera view : Zoom 1 , Height 1 as this will help to see the whole court as well as teammates optimizing successful gameplay.

•Create a well-rounded player, but still prioritise the key Attributes of your player. Choose an order, and maybe a good ratio to upgrade: for every two Rebounder upgrades you buy for your Center, for example, you buy one Defender upgrade. Scoring points alone won’t grant you a good teammate grade and VC. Good ball movement, spacing, passing, setting screens, assists and rebounds tend to improve your teammate grade and earn you more VC.


Hopefully you find these NBA 2K16 My Career Tips useful, if you follow them you should be a League leading Superstar.  Tell us if these helped you in the comments section! Also check back daily for more NBA 2K16 Tips as well as helpful hints for all of your favorite games.

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