Feb 26, 2021
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NBA 2K15 My GM Tips: How to Build the Best Team

#5 – Look At Every Players Value
  • Do this to see what every player is worth and if one of you worst players has high value try to trade him for an up and coming player.
#6 – Look At Player Potential
  • Most people don’t realize the players potential tells you how much the player will improve so its really important for the development of the team
#7 – Fill Holes
  • During the offseason resign the expiring contracts of your best players 80overall or higher.
  • During the NBA Draft get players whose position is needed
  • During Free Agency target the top players (Love, James, Wade, Thompson, etc.)
  • Here’s a video on how to target top free agents:
#8 – Choosing The Correct Difficulty
  • I suggest Superstar with Simulation sliders because it gives you the most realistic experience. The cpu aren’t all NBA all-stars and they still challenge you


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