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NBA 2K15 MyTeam Tips: Best Silver Players for Restricted Lineups



Legend Silver SF: Kiki VandewegheNBA2K15_MyTeam_Tips_Best_Silver_Players_Kiki

HT: 6’8” WT: 220  Overall: 82

Strengths: Midrange, Inside Scoring

Weakness: Athleticism, Rebounding

How to use Effectively: Scoring from midrange to the rim is where he should be best used. Money from mid, he is ice. Off balance shooting is not preferred but he will still hit regularly. Decent three point shooting but better suited to play inside. Defense he is not thing special but nothing terrible. Great stretch four but limited rebounding.

Avoid: Volume Three Point Shooting

Honorable Mention: Chandler Parsons Mavericks, Tyreke Evans Pelicans, Mark Aguirre Pistons, Trevor Ariza Rockets, Gerald Green Suns, Luol Deng Heat, Gordon Hayward Jazz


Silver PF: Pau GasolNBA2K15_MyTeam_Tips_Best_Silver_Players_Gasol

HT: 7’0” WT: 250 Overall: 82

Strengths: Versatile Offensive Game, Passing, Defense, Versatility

Weakness: Speed and Quickness

How to use Effectively: Pretty much has a complete offensive game as a legit big. Can play either PF or C easily. Nasty on the low block with fakes hooks and fades. Nice but not money midrange. Good rebounder and very aware on defense. Really good in pick and pop or roll game. Defensively he is strong but not much of a shot blocker. Great late game big due to his solid shooting and good free throw rating.

Avoid: Using Midrange too much


Legend Silver PF: Horace GrantNBA2K15_MyTeam_Tips_Best_Silver_Players_Grant

HT: 6’10” WT: 215 Overall: 81

Strengths: Defense, Offensive Rebounding

Weakness: Nothing Special Offensively, Defensive Rebounding

How to use Effectively: Really not much of an offensive player though has a usable midrange game and can finish inside decently. His real value is as a lockdown defender. Not an elite shot blocker but really hard to score in the post. Good outlet passer so look to start breaks with him.

Avoid: Trying to Score

Honorable Mention: Derrick Favors Jazz, Amare Stoudemire Knicks, Carlos Boozer Lakers, Kevin Garnett Nets, Kenneth Faried Nuggets, David West Pacers, Ryan Anderson Pelicans, Greg Monroe Pistons, Nene Wizards


Silver C: Marcin GortatNBA2K15_MyTeam_Tips_Best_Silver_Players_Gortat

HT: 6’11” WT: 240 Overall: 81

Strengths: Pick and Roll, Well Rounded

Weakness: Nothing Glaring

How to use Effectively: Pick and Roll is the name of the game with Marcin. Rarely misses inside. Decent post game but I wouldn’t really look to score with him from the post. Usable midrange game if wide open. Defensively has good strength and good shot blocking. Above average rebounder but gets more rebounds than he probably should in my experience. Makes Free throws.

Avoid: Jumpers, Post Game


Legend Silver C: Kevin DuckworthNBA2K15_MyTeam_Tips_Best_Silver_Players_Duckworth

HT: 7’0” WT: 275 Overall: 78

Strengths: Low Block Scoring, Strength

Weakness: Quickness, Athleticism, Defense

How to use Effectively: I am fairly bias toward Duckworth because of the show he put on while he was on my 2K13 MyTeam. The man is a beast. Great from the post but his fade is pretty wacky so I would try to use up fakes and hooks to score from the post. Bunny jumpers are nice but doesn’t have legit midrange consistency. Average rebounder but a really big body who creates space for himself just by standing in the paint. Has strength and size to bang with legit bigs. One of my personal favorite 2K players ever.

Avoid: Midrange, Post Fades

Honorable Mention: Larry Sanders Bucks, Bill Walton Celtics, DeAndre Jordan Clippers, Willis Reed Knicks, Nikola Vucevic Magic, Tyson Chandler Mavericks, Roy Hibbert Pacers, Nikola Pekovic Timberwolves, Andrew Bogut Warriors, Marcin Gortat Wizards


What did you think of my choices?  Have you had any good experiences with these players? Let me know in the comments!

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