Many have struggled with getting a Nike endorsement this year, below is the best way I’ve found to get a shoe endorsement in My Career:

  • I’m in the mid of the 2nd season just before the ALL-STAR break.
  • I’ve changed from Bucks > (FA) > Boston > Memphis
  • I’ve been endorsed by State Farm and Sprint.
  • Average 20+ pts with decent rebound and assist numbers
  • I’ve completed the “Gatorade Endorsement” (I was wearing that shirt during the cutscene even when I’ve never equipped it on)
  • I have over +2m fans Now you see I followed the ‘story’ by trying to complete all the available endorsement but even so, I had to play quite a few games (+10) after my last endorsement before I got to the 2nd J.Ellis cut-scenes.  (You get to pick Adidas/Nike/Jordan at the same time)
  • Sim very few games, perhaps you might really just gotta play the game afterall.

But just prior to that I decked out on Adidas gear hoping to grab the attention of Adidas. Maybe it was just a huge coincidence that this happened right after I bought the gear, or perhaps this may of triggered something.

Here is a video of a shoe deal contract signing below:

Hope this NBA 2K tip has helped some of you…stay tuned to SGO for more free tips! Checkout our full NBA section here.


  1. I didn’t know you shared videos about your career on Youtube. I liked this video and will be watching all your videos from now on! Thanks a lot for the tips! I haven’t yet started playing, but when I do I will surely use what you said.

    I don’t think that it was a coincidence Adidas started paying attention to you. The game probably has certain triggers and that’s why this happened.

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