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NBA 2K15 Tips: Attack with Pick & Rolls as the Screener


Struggling to score at a high rate from Pick and Rolls? Don’t overuse the ball handler; instead, focus on attacking with the roll-man. Check out Sam Pham’s new Roll-Man Attack below to take your pick and roll game to the next level ^_^

Scoring as the ball handler coming out of a pick isn’t as effective as it once was (anyone remember 2K9’s pick and roll dunkfest ?). If we are to dominate with pick and rolls again in 2K15, we need to learn how to properly combine them with the freelance offenses available. 

In the video above, you will see me using Anthony Davis as the roll-man to produce ridiculous results. From an advance stat point of view, the NBA’s deadliest roll-man in real life is Tyson Chandler. Chandler produces at a point per possession rate of 1.39 every time he attempts a shot out of a pick and roll. By comparison our 2K15 Anthony Davis, playing in Sam Pham’s Roll-Man Offense, was able to produce at a point possession rate of 1.97. Our AD scored 47 points out of the 24 times he caught a pass and took a shot via pick and rolls. On top of it all, AD also made 10 assists as the roll-man coming out of picks. Anthony Davis had an offensive stat-line of 59 pts and 12 assists on HOF SIM Difficulty.

This offense I have designed is deadly efficient, the secret? Make sure you set your freelance offense to 3-2 Space the Floor when you are planning to pick and fade. Secondly, you need to understand that fading to the side or to the middle makes huge strategic differences. Last note, if you are planning to pick and roll then the freelance offense will need to be switched over to 4-1 space the floor. The video above will explain these in further details, so make sure you check it out. 

Let me know in the comments if you enjoyed these NBA 2K15 Tips. Make sure to stop by each day to checkout my Youtube channel and new tips here at Sports Gamers Online.

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