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NBA 2K16 MyCareer Player Creation Improvements

MyCareer in NBA 2K is a game mode full of potential, there’s a reason why so many people have fallen in love with it since its introduction in 2K10. However, over the years the mode hasn’t taken that LEAP forward a lot of us have expected. A major reason is that the player creation process is too generic and does not have enough checks and balances. Too often we see everyone create the same type of overpowering player and this really kills the mode for a lot of gamers.
In this article and video we offer some suggestions on how NBA 2K16 MyCareer can improve Character Creation:

Now let’s take a deeper look at our proposed version of 2K16 MyCareer Player Creation…
At the beginning you will select a Player Position and Draft Position:
– Imagine Player Position as a “class” and Draft Position as a “race”.
– Each Class/Race will come with its own specific “perks”
– Perks are either badges, free attribute points, and/or specific attribute boost.
+ Your Story Arc is dependent on your Draft Position (credit on this one goes to LakerFan24).
+ Possible Draft Positions: #1 Pick, Lottery Pick, 1st Round Pick, 2nd Round Pick, Undrafted
Player Positions: PG, SG, SF, PF, C
Character Creation Step 1:
​* Key Notes:

– Yes Height and OVR are locked at the beginning, but don’t worry everything can be changed later.

Specialization and Talent Trees:
– Badges, attribute points, and attribute boosts can be gained by selecting specific perks from the trees.
– Every level gained will let you select one perk. There’s a level cap so select perks carefully.

Specialization Trees Sample:



Talent Trees Sample:
Key Notes:

– That’s right, you wanna be a 6ft11 SF ? That’s fine, but enjoy you -25 speed perk.
– Wanna be a real 6ft7 man like Draymond Green ? Sam Pham Rewards you with Extra attribute points to SPEND ^_^

– Overall every player will have 2 Specializations and 6 Talent Trees filled with Perks. All these together will add up what kind of player you have after reaching the level cap. There are also 5 Talent Tress that every player shares and they come with similar perks depending on positions. The 5 shared trees are Offense, Defense, Body + Athleticism, Work Ethic, and Born Talent.- Levels are increased by gaining VC.
Example: Lvl 1 2000 VC,
Lvl 2 3500 VC.- First Re-Spec is FREE, every other one will cost VC, you can also get free Re-Specs by winning end of season awards and the NBA Championship in MyCareer.
I will add to this as time goes by, I will definitely refined the trees and finish making up the other ones. Any new ideas or tree builds are welcomed. I will also make a video on this soon. Feel free to discuss or help me in this project thanks!


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