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NBA All Net Interview with Chris Castagnetto

SGO: Tell us about your game for those who have never heard of it.
Multiple game modes including Tournament, Leagues, Road to Glory and Ranked Matches.

Chris Castagnetto: NBA All Net is a competitive team management game where players build and manage their dream line up. Players can take part in various game modes where they can relive historic career highlights of NBA players, survive the Road to Glory, battle their way through tournaments, take part in competitive leagues or compete in Ranked Matches and rise to the top of seasonal Leaderboards. Future updates include new player cards, additional game modes, and weekly events which will continue to keep NBA fans excited throughout the season.

SGO: How long was the development cycle for the game? How large is your studio?

Chris Castagnetto: NBA All Net has been in development for over 2 years with an international team of over 30 developers and designers.

SGO: Do you feel mobile gaming is the future of gaming?

Chris Castagnetto: Definitely, over the past few years the mobile gaming market has really started to take off not just in size but also in quality. Games that would have passed as a top game a few years ago won’t stand up to games of today due to the overwhelming amount of innovation in the mobile market. As mobile devices become more powerful the opportunities for the gaming market are boundless with better graphics and more computing power.

Build your NBA All Net dream team with a collection of past and present NBA Players.
SGO: Who are you targeting with NBA All Net?

Chris Castagnetto: We designed NBA All Net with NBA fans in mind. From its inception NBA All Net has always focused on the player experience developing features specifically for NBA fans including Legendary Match system where players can relive historic moments in NBA history. We’re also always listening to our fans and improving the game based on their experience. We ran a very in depth beta for over 3 months where we took the user experience in mind and redesigned many elements of the game directly based on the users feedback we received. Even now after launch we’re listening to users all across social media, and in our forums, and are currently implementing improvements as well as features based on their feedback.

SGO: What made you decide to go with a Free-to-Play Model?

Chris Castagnetto: The Free-to-Play model is in our opinion the future of the mobile gaming market. With the Free-to-Play model were able to get NBA fans into the game to try it out before they ever have to commit to a purchase. We want our users to enjoy our game and experience all it has to offer without the requirement of payment.

Formats: Android, IOS
Publisher: KICK9, Inc.
Developer: DeNA
Release Date: Out Now

SGO: What do you think is the coolest feature in the game? Are there features that didn’t make it into this version that you would include in the next?

Chris Castagnetto: That’s a hard question to ask. Personally I like the multiplayer elements of the game where I can compete with players from around the globe in tournaments or weekly ranked match competitions to win great rewards. It gives me a great challenge to choose the right strategies and player combinations to be able to defeat my opponents and I really enjoy that aspect of the game. With that being said I also do enjoy the challenges of our Road to Glory system where you try to defeat teams that are increasing in difficulty for some great rewards. This gives me a real challenge and makes me want to try many different player combinations to create that perfect team.

As for future updates we have a big update on the horizon, Update 4.2, which is going to be introducing a few new features for players to enjoy as well as enhance and improve a number of current features. Unfortunately I can’t share much about these features yet but they are going to be a ton of fun and I can’t wait to share them with our users.

We appreciate the NBA All Net development team taking their time to speak with us, be sure to checkout the game which can be downloaded for iOS or Android for free. Stay tuned to Sports Gamers Online for free NBA All Net prizes we will be giving away this week.

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