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How The New NBA Rule Changes Could Affect NBA 2K18

NBA 2K17’s MyGM mode had an interesting feature last year: rule changes.

In my 20 years as the GM as the expansion Chicago Libertarians, I saw the 3-seconds in the key rule expanded to 5 seconds. I saw the 25-second play clock extended to 30. Preciously, I saw the luxury tax eliminated. It was a cool feature that made NBA 2K17 — and likely NBA 2K18 — feel dynamic and ever changing.

However, it turns out the real-life NBA has such meetings too, and made a few changes to the various intricacies of the league.

What could they mean for NBA 2K18? Quite a bit, actually.

Trade Deadline Moved Up

The NBA Trade Deadline is moving up to the second Thursday before the all-star break. In real life, this prevents GMs from using the all-star break (and game) to make trades.

In 2K’s MyGM Mode, it doesn’t mean…a lot. Just it will come earlier than usual. If you’re like me, I eliminated the trade deadline all together in MyGM when given the opportunity.

Timeout Streamlining 

In NBA 2K, I was always curious the difference between a ‘full’ timeout and a ’20 second’ timeout. Sure, the longer TO allowed to to adjust strategy, but late in the game it seemed especially cumbersome.

Now, the NBA has changed the timeout rules. For starters, all timeouts will be 75 seconds long, and teams will only get 14 total timeouts, and only two in the final three minutes of the game. Much to the chagrin of advertisers, I’m sure.

Additionally mandatory timeouts will be reduced; now each game will have two mandatory timeouts, taking place after the first stoppage under the seven, and three-minute marks. Teams will only be granted two timeouts in OT instead of the traditional three.

This is a welcome change for NBA 2K18, simply because the game is complicated enough as it is; especially for newbies. balancing time outs, the types of time outs, and the coach constantly stopping play during a particularly bad ‘run’ can really slow the game down – especially in OT. These changes should hopefully fix that.

Delay of Game

In two changes that won’t affect NBA 2K18, players who wander beyond the 3-point line, or teams who aren’t ready to play after a 15 minute halftime, will be assessed a delay-of-game penalty.

Since both of these things are fundamentally impossible in NBA 2K, it’s doubtful these changes will have an affect on the flow of gameplay.

That said, for NBA and NBA 2K fans, these rule changes will have a minor – but noticeable affect on the game of hoops – ideally resulting in a better flowing, easier to follow game with less fits and starts.

You’ll get to see them all in action when NBA 2K18 releases on September 19th, 2017.


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