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NFL 2K5 vs MADDEN 15 – Which has better presentation?

The Madden franchise has been under fire from many football fans for years. Many have claimed that NFL 2K5′s presentation was top notch and now that EA has the exclusive license to ESPN and the NFL, that they have been sitting on their butts. This year Madden 15 added a new halftime show to it’s presentation. Is it better than the one from 10 years ago in NFL 2K5?  Watch the following videos and you tell me. Mind you that NFL 2K5 was on the original Xbox and PS2 while Madden 15 (in the video below) is on Xbox One and PS4. Madden 10 was on the Xbox 360 and PS3.

NFL 2K5 (2004)

Madden 15 (2014)

Side note – Here is the presentation of Madden 05 vs NFL2K5′s presentation. This shows pretty much all of the presentation that fans clamor for nowadays.

NFL 2k5 vs Madden 15. Which do you prefer? Continue the discussion in our forums!

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