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NHL 15: Missing features?

For those avid hockey lifers out there, they might be disappointed in what’s missing from EA Sports NHL 15 for PS4 and Xbox One.  Transitioning to next-gen will do this.  Take NBA 2k14 for next-gen for example.  Because of the rushed move from current-gen to next-gen, at the very beginning of release, it seems these titles don’t hit completely until the first full year on the next step-up.

What’s EA’s excuse for NHL though?  Not only have they had over a year to get ready for this date, but they decided not to even release a game on next-gen for NHL14.


Here is a quick look at what’s missing:

-No GM Connected (Huge deal for those looking to play online leagues)

-No Online Team Play

-No Create a Team

-No editing individual players

-Practice mode now only has one skater against an AI Goalie

-No Winter Classsic

-No Be a Legend

-No EA Sports Hockey League

-No Tournaments

-No retro NHL 94 side-play (very disappointing to me on a personal note)

-No Create-a-play designer

-No Custom Camera

-Yearly Draft is fully automated by CPU (Within GM Mode)

-No Fantasy Draft

-No Preseason Games

-Not able to play your team’s AHL Games

-You cannot play in the AHL on Be a Pro, only NHL teams

-You cannot SIM ahead to next shift in Be a Pro Mode)


We expected a jump up in features from old-gen to current-gen, but it looks like a step-back.  Comment below if you notice any other omissions.

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