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    Which one better for gaming ?

    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OEM CD-KEY GLOBAL (Use " chrismas" to get 3% off at SCDKey) Microsoft Windows 10 Home CD-KEY GLOBAL (no coupon for this one) Actually i know this two software popular use in PC Gaming. And some game need to be played on windows 10. But which one should to get for my...
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    Vote for champion of Euro 2016?

    Hello everyone , Euro 2016 is hot talking now. Play video games or watch Euro Cup? Are you suffering from this problem right now? I think most gamers don’t want to miss either of the both. UEFA Euro 2016 is the hottest topic currently around the world, 24 national teams from across Europe battle...
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    How many games do you have ?

    Hello gamer, We have more and more games now. But it seems more happy to have a new game. We always wait and try new games. So there have a list with more and more games. I am not a long time gamer. After i got my new game heart of iron from scdkey. I got the problem, there have too much...
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    Who's Your Favorite Support Character?

    Hello everyone. I am noob in Overwatch, It is more funny than my expect. I love this game and many masters. It is very great, I have to play it some hours a day after got it from scdkey. Let us make a poll I love Symmetra on defense, she's a more dangerous character than one could think, and...
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    What time does Hearts of Iron 4 release?

    So HoI4 launches today! Who's excited?! I am, at least! This is a great game in my mind. My friends and me have waiting for it months. We want to try it to be the first player in Hearts of Iron 4. Does any one know the releasse time about this game? We have make pre order on scdkey and want to...
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    What was your best memory playing COD?

    My best memory playing this game was when I started. I am noob in this game. I have not got much memory about this game. But the first time login i got my first weapon. That is best feeling in my gaming life. I got my game from scdkey after download the game in my PC. I am too exciting and...
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    How did you get into FIFA?

    Would be interesting to hear your stories on this. How did you get into FIFA and what game was your first? My brother recommended me to play FIFA 16 with him, just that he got a free FIFA16 cdkey from scdkey, Since then, I became fascinated this game,spend time and much money to play fifa 16...
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    Anyone play Homefront ?

    I just got a video about this game. The weapon in this game is very cool. Does any one play it ? I want to know your votes . Thanks for your help.
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    Why most players hate IW?

    I am noob this game but I found that is unfair that IW is getting so much hate and we haven't seen the multiplayer trailer yet. Actually i start this game from scdkey some months ago. After playing more then i got to know it is a problem. But it seems happen everyday. Because of We all want a...
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    Favourite guns in COD

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    what's your SPM ?

    Hello CoD guys! This thread is pretty straight forward, what's your SPM (Score Per Minute) ?
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    5 Things PS4 Still Need To Improve On

    Nice topic. Thanks for sharing.
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    Best CoD Game?

    I prefer Call of Duty: Black Ops III
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    Favourite guns in COD

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    Welcome fifafifa