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    Welcome SchloppyTaco

    welcome and nice to meet you....;)
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    Favourite guns in COD

    Great!!! I'm same as you
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    Best CoD Game?

    I enjoyed Modern Warfare 3 :)
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    Madden 16 Tuning Update Analysis

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    5 Things PS4 Still Need To Improve On

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    Twitch Broadcast Tutorial

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    The 10 Most Insanely Difficult Video Games Ever

    Most of us at one point or another have experienced gamer rage—spazzing out over the absurd difficulty levels in a video game and quitting out of anger. Lashing out at the television set, smashing gamepads on the ground, and yes, shedding a tear all seem like natural reactions when engaged in an...
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    Welcome Smush Kreeg

    Welcome to sportsgamersonline. Nice to meet you!!! :')
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    Madden 16 Update 1.06 Discussion

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