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    Deadline deal Packers send Jordy nelson ovr 93 Age 32 cap hit 4mil For Rams 2nd round pick Jordy declines due to age . Rams need a sure handed veteran Wr for a playoff push
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    49ers and Browns Trade

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    Jets and Saints Agree to Trade

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    Rams and Jets Trade S1W2

    Approved lol
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    Patriots position changes

    All approved
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    Comish has my list in a dm. :eek:
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    Raiders week 1

    Lane cb
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    Raiders preseason

    Remmers 76ovr Fb Sutherland lg 73ovr
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    Raiders week 2

    Leblanc 68 ovr de
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    Raiders week 4 preseason

    Skylar foria fs 71ovr Gary english ss 71 ovr practice squad Swiney 70ovr rb
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    Raiders week 3

    Jones 60ovr cb
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    Raiders week 2 steal

    Holmes 70ovr de from browns
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    Raiders week 1 our first steal

    Stealing ravens te waller 68 ovr
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    Raiders week 4 preseason

    Jones le 74 ovr Eubanks olb 67 ovr Grant 61 ovr mlb Rambo 73 ovr ss
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    Madden NFL 17: What would you like to see?

    Browns, trucking or players getting drug by running backs, gang tackles, instant replays, a fumble and how commentary reacts