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    Deadline deal Packers send Jordy nelson ovr 93 Age 32 cap hit 4mil For Rams 2nd round pick Jordy declines due to age . Rams need a sure handed veteran Wr for a playoff push
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    Raiders week 1

    Lane cb
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    Raiders preseason

    Remmers 76ovr Fb Sutherland lg 73ovr
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    Raiders week 2

    Leblanc 68 ovr de
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    Raiders week 4 preseason

    Skylar foria fs 71ovr Gary english ss 71 ovr practice squad Swiney 70ovr rb
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    Raiders week 3

    Jones 60ovr cb
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    Raiders week 2 steal

    Holmes 70ovr de from browns
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    Raiders week 1 our first steal

    Stealing ravens te waller 68 ovr
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    Raiders week 4 preseason

    Jones le 74 ovr Eubanks olb 67 ovr Grant 61 ovr mlb Rambo 73 ovr ss
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    Jets lions trade

    Jets send 91ovr ivory rb age 29 cap hit 300k For Lions 3rd
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    Colts Jets trade

    colts send Vonte Davis 94 ovr age 29 star Salary: $10.41M Years Left: 1 Cap Penalty: :$1.25M for Jets send Davasia Knox 87ovr RB age 23 avg Salary: $0.79M Years Left: 3 Cap Penalty: :$0.75M 2nd and 4th round pick davis in last year of deal. jets need a #2 cb colts gain a speed Rb and youth.
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    Jets redskins trade

    Jets send 3rd round pick For Breland 79ovr cb age 26 Avg cap hit0
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    Jets rams trade

    Jets trade Geno smith 80ovr qb age 25 slow development cap hit 0 For Rams 3rd
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    Jets Cardinals trade

    Jets send 3rd, and 4the picks For 86ovr Washington age 29 fast, salary 7 mil Cards shedding cap jets need a mlb
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    Texans jets trade

    Jets send Cromartie 82 ovr cb age 32 Avg cap hit 0 Bmarsh 95 ovr Wr age 32 superstar caphit4mil And my 4th For texans 3rd and 2nd
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    Jets Eagles trade

    Jets send Bmarsh 95 ovr Wr age 32 superstar cap hit 4 mil And 3rd round pick For 85 ovr kiko 85 ovr mlb age 26 fast zero cap hit in last year of deal
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    Jets Chiefs trade

    Jets trade 86 ovr Teo olb age 25 Av devel cap hit 0 For Chiefs 2nd
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    Jets Seahawks trade

    Jets send 88 ovr Revis island superstar age 31 cap hit zero For Seahawks 2nd and 4th rounder
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    Jets chargers trade

    Jets trade Richardson 96 ovr de age 24 Cap hit 2 mil 5th and 6th round pick For Chargers 1st and 2nd round pick Plus teo mlb 77 ovr age 24 Cap hit 1 mil Jets accept
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    Eagles texans trade

    Eagles send Rookie RG foster 78 ovr age 23 For Mallett 73 ovr qb age 28 Eagle have no qb have to over pay for someone back up