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  1. Joshhimself

    2018 team selection list

    Put your top 5 in here
  2. Joshhimself

    MGSL League Openings

    Currently in year three week 12 and looking for two solid owners, who are active and play sim. Teams open are the Bengals/Browns
  3. Joshhimself

    Rams/Giants trade

    Rams receive: WR Markus Wheaton Age 26 80 Overall MLB Ryan Shazier Age 24 82 Overall Giants receive: 2018 1st 2nd and Third Overall picks 2019 1st and 2nd overall picks
  4. Joshhimself

    Open teams

    Jets, Skins, Niners, and Chargers
  5. Joshhimself

    Official Rule Book

    GroupMe is MANDATORY for communication with opponents - Quitting or Conceding is against the rules. You will be booted from the league. No exceptions. - Forcing a win while a player is PAUSED will result in PLAYER SUSPENSIONS and You will get an Automatic Loss - Courtesy for others, We are all...
  6. Joshhimself

    The official rules

    MGSL Will Advance Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 10pm est*** THE MGSL LEAGUE WAY: MGSL was created with one main purpose/goal in mind. To bring sim players together to a league where "cheese" and whining is either non-existent to very minimal. All of the following rules are put in...