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    S3 Bengals & Cards trade

    Bengals trade LB Shaq Thompson 81 OVR Quick Dev. 24 years old Cap Hit: $1.29 million Cards trade 2019 1st round pick (projected 16th OVR)
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    S3 Bengals & Vikings trade

    Bengals trade: 2019 2nd round pick Vikings trade: LE Sharrif Floyd 85 OVR Dev: Quick Cap Penalty: $10.3 MILLION
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    Bengals & Cards trade

    Bengals trade: DT Ra'Shead Hageman 81 OVR 28 years old Normal Dev. Cards trade: 2018 2nd round pick
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    Bengals & Texans trade

    Bengals trade LB Leonard Floyd 77 OVR 25 Years old Quick dev $0 penalty OL Franklin Reedy 73 OVR 24 Years old Normal dev $0 penalty Texans trade 2018 1st round pick (6th OVR)
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    Cardinals and Falcons trade

    Falcons send: 2017 1st round pick 2017 3rd round pick Cardinals send: DE Robert Nkemdiche 22 years old 79 OVR 3.3 million penalty WR JJ Nelson 24 years old 69 OVR 180k penalty Falcons will not be able to make it to the draft. Nkemdiche is basically a 1st round pick given his age + OVR
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    Cardinals and Steelers trade

    Cardinals send: 2017 3rd round pick Steelers send: CB Dominique Rogers-Cromartie 81 OVR $0 Cap penalty