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    Panther trade CB James Bradberry overall 78 25 yr 500k penalty and panthers 2019 2nd roundpick for the Cards 2018 1st round pick 2018 3rd and 4th round pick
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    Panthers /chiefs trade

    Panthers giving: 2017 3rd round pick 2017 5th round pick 2017 6th round pick chiefs giving Cb Phillip Gaines overall 74 cap pen 130k Wr Chris clonley over all 75 cap pen 400k
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    PANTHERS- Bengles trade

    Panthers giving: 2017 1st round pick WR devin funchess 80vr 1M cap pen Lolb shaq Thompson 79ovr 2m cap pen For Bengles 2017 5th round pick WR Aj Green 93ovr 9m cap pen