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2016 League Crawler Tribute Tournament!

Hey everyone! League Crawler and SGO have teamed up to bring you the second ever Tribute Tournament pitting 32 players from 16 leagues against one another for bragging rights, a sweet SGO t-shirt and a $50 PSN or XBL gift card! But that's not the best part - we're doing one on XBOX1 AND PS4!


Registration is simple - The commissioner from each league will pick two players from his league to represent the league in the tournament. Once you have your designated players selected, click on one of the links below (PS4 or XBOX1) and sign up by adding the details below in a reply to the post. Remember, two players per league maximum and its first come, first serve. So, click the link for the system your league plays on and add the following:

League Name & Website
League Commissioner & email address
Player 1 Name, email address and Madden team to use in the tournament
Player 2 Name, email address and Madden team to use in the tournament

XBOX1 Signup Thread
PS4 Signup Thread

Entry Fee

There is no entry fee but as always, donations and gifts are always accepted. This tournament is being sponsored by SGO, all prizes provided by them as well so, if you're inclined to drop a few bucks in the donation bin on the SGO site or the LC site, it's much appreciated.


Our set of rules are as SIM as possible without being too heavy handed or leaning toward one set of "SIM" guidelines than others. SIM means different things to different people, but generally speaking, this will not be lobby ball and will have rules. That said - with no entry fees, we expect fair gameplay and good sportsmanship all around. This tournament is intended to help promote your league, your players, your brand and have fun in the process so in short - don't be a jerk or get pissed or nit-picky if you lose.

To review, this is a SIM Tournament Play it like you would see on Sunday. General rules.
  • No cheesing! (Excessive tosses, drags, money plays, etc)
  • 4th and 1 on the opponent side of the 50 is acceptable anytime.
  • Going for it on 4th down is unacceptable in your own territory unless the situation calls for it (down multiple scores in the 4th, little time left, etc. you guys watch the NFL, you get it).
  • Chew clock only allowed if up 21+ or leading with less than 4 mins in game.
  • No roll out passes exploiting CPU's AI. Be sim - mix up runs and passes.
  • You have 24 hrs to get in contact with opponent, failure to communicate is subject to disqualifcations.
  • No Nano Blitzes
Advance Times and Start of the Tournament

TBD but no later than the first week of June. The date will depend on how quickly the brackets fill up.


Leagues can pick their best players to play and those players can pick their favorite team to use.


Again, there will be two tournament brackets, one for PS4, one for XBOX1. 32 players from 16 leagues (2 players per league) in each.


Base All Madden. More details to come.

That's it! Be sure to get your players together quickly and register for this torunament!
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