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5 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare tips


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1. Use your weapons to your advantage
If you're using an SMG, stick to close proximity, stick to buildings, flank around, and stay away from the middle of the map where you're going to get mowed down by an assault rifle. SMGs offer the most accurate hip-fire, allowing you to get the drop on your opponents in close-quarters without having to aim with the L-trigger.

Using the AR is all about anticipation; knowledge of spawns and predicting opponents paths while shooting from as safe a distance as possible. Likewise, if you're using a sniper, stick to the outskirts of the map or make sure you have a height advantage to pick people off as opposed to running around where you will lose the majority of gunfights.

2. Make full use of your new abilities
It's really important to use the new abilities and Exoskeleton to your advantage, so make sure you put in the effort. If you spend time getting used to using the new abilities you will be a step above the common and average player, giving you the advantage in every game. The trick is to be aware of your surroundings; buildings and objects that you can use to outmanoeuvre opponents or take shortcuts during objective gametypes. It can also help you to escape danger and quickly react to team callouts on enemy positions. Good movement with the Exoskeleton will be essential to mastering Advanced Warfare.

3. Play the objective

Advanced Warfare has brought the killstreak system back, so it's important to play the objective and you'll get rewarded for it. These rewards aren’t just for standard kills - capturing flags, dog tags and getting involved in the action will reward you faster with your killstreaks which will make your total score fly up. But remember to use your killstreaks wisely. During objective gametypes, such as Capture the Flag, they can be saved to slow down opponents who are returning to their home base to score with your flag.

It’s not just about increasing your kill count. The best players use killstreaks to benefit their team by facilitating devastating timed attacks or defending key territories from being snatched or overwhelmed by the enemy.

4. Know your enemy
It's quite important in every game to learn how the enemies are playing and what they're using. If you’re facing a heavy objective team, just position yourself in or around the objective to amass a huge amount of kills. If they're playing for kills and killstreaks, use weapons and equipment to counter that and prevent them from achieving said streaks.

Avoid going into auto-pilot out of desperation to improve your kill to death ratio. Feeding the enemy kills adds points towards their killstreaks, which could come back to haunt you later in the game. If you’re the last one alive in a respawn game type, play sneaky to distract the other team and give your squad a chance of regaining control.

5. Communicate

You can’t see the game through the eyes of your teammates, so speak clearly and effectively in order to gain a better picture of your opponent's actions. Encourage your team to ask for help and learn what commands to prioritise during chaotic moments. It’s not always the best aim or the best strategies that win matches. Team chemistry thrives from good communication. Imagine if you could see all four (or more depending on the mode) screens at once; you’d be able to outwit any team of any calibre in the game. Strive to achieve that by understanding your teammates - your in-game awareness and ability to anticipate opponents will improve dramatically.