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5 Things PS4 Still Need To Improve On


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1: Improve media playback capabilities.
People have been asking for improved media playback since the PS4 launched last November! Things like DLNA, mp3, better bluray support, etc were a staple for the PS3 experience, and is lacking in Sony’s latest offerings. There’s no reason in this day-in-age for gamers not to be able to use their PS4 as a media streaming device for other devices, or for you to be able to play mp3’s in the background of an intense COD online session, or talk some smack with you friends over a game of NBA 2k while listening to your favorite tunes.

2: Further optimize the OS
The PS4 OS is host to some great, and simplified changes from the often considered “archaic”, Cross Media Bar. Through its easy to use navigation, gamers and media enthusiasts have enjoyed quick snapshots of game profiles, who’s unlocked what in the game, new content available for it, and your very own progress on the trophies. Gamers can take a look at what open parties are available, and in an instant, jump right in. You can even access the playstation store in an instant, and get right to downloading content, and while it downloads in the background, continue playing. (downloads are super fast too!)

Sony can take this to the next level by taking advantage of voice navigation to record footage, similarly to the Xbox One. It’s great to have the ability to just press a button to do it, but it would also be awesome for people to be able to use their voice. Another thing they can (and should do) is allow people to organize their games into folders- as the library expands, so will gamers’ expectations for staying organized. Make this as easy as possible, and you’ll give gamers a great reason to keep expanding their libraries.

3: Fully embrace the uploader community
This should be a no-brainer: Let livestreamers have better control of the camera during livestreams so they don’t have to necessarily sit in a particular position in front of their tv’s. In addition (a feature I’ve been asking for for ages) allow multi channel audio output from party chats and/or in game voice chat. This was present on the PS3, and is mysteriously absent from the PS4. Also, allow users the ability to save files on their hard drive of recorded footage, and allow it to transcode in a format native to most devices, and not in some strange unusable format. Finally, create better quality video captures. I recognize that this may slow the PS4 down, so it may be a stretch. If doable, let’s make it happen!

4: Improve the playstation app
The Playstation app is a genius idea, and for the most part, works really well. Often times however, the app takes a really long time to populate messages and friend requests. In addition, allow people to purchase and download content directly from the app without taking users to the playstation store web page. Supposedly, this is in place because makers like Apple see this as a direct competition to the apple app store (which it is not), but what’s the excuse for Android? Make it happen Sony! Make it faster, more responsive.

5: Bring on the Apps!
We know that an update is on the way to add the Youtube app, but let’s extend that to an actual twitch or ustream app, ESPN networks, hell, even television networks like Cartoon Network, BBC, and HBO. Users have been wishing for a viable alternative to the way we consume television media, hoping that we may one day only pay for services or channels we only use, or tailored entertainment packages. Playstation could take us a step closer to that reality with it’s recent deal with Viacom, putting yet another major dent into the Cable industry. While we’re at it, let’s throw in video chat, and Spotify apps to sweeten the deal.

SGO Thermal

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How could the not include online?? PSN is terrible compared to XBL, they really need to work on their servers big time.


I decided not to get a PS4 and maybe it is good that I did. Sounds like they are having just as many issues as the ONE. I guess it depends on who you talk to though because I have heard people praise one over the other and give the dumbest reasons. haha


I'd like to see a new and larger controller. They are the only thing stopping me buying PS before Xbox. Just too small.