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Avoiding a desync game ....

My opponent and I suffered through not one, not two, not three ... but FOUR games that ended in a "desync" disconnection.

SGO Thermal a.k.a. The Natural then informed me that both opponents must use the SAME EXACT team settings when playing a league contest via the Connected Franchise Mode.

This was my opponent and I's team settings for our JFF Preseason Week #2 contest:

Play Call Style: Enhanced
Strafe Assist: OFF
Pre-Snap Menu: ON
Coaching Tips: OFF
Player Names: Pre-Snap
Heat Seeker: ON
Ball Hawk: ON
Switch Assist: OFF
Camera Settings: Wide (You cannot play on Zoom, All-22, or Broadcast until EA Sports submits their patch to fix the desync problem)
Defensive Graphics: None
Kick Aiming Arc: ON
Previous Play Information: ON
Play Call Button Layout: Triangle, Square, Cross
Camera Toggle: OFF
Tutorial Popups: OFF

I am not going to mandate ALL of these settings ... I'll leave some up to the two competitors. The three you see in RED are mandatory. If there is ever a disagreement, the team that is playing AT HOME has the upper hand.

Any questions and/or concerns, let me know.


Da Commish
I just completed a practice game against the CPU with Camera Toggle "ON," and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

1) The main thing is, you can no longer use your D-Pad for hot routes (on offense) or D-line and Linebacker adjustments on defense. You would have to use Triangle, Square, or X, depending on your controller's layout

2) If you want to return to your preferred camera angle, you would press the D-Pad UP or DOWN one-to-three times.

It's takes practice, but it is manageable.