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Bread and Circuses PS4 Non switch LG

We are a sim non switch lg on using group me if this lg sounds like a plan hit me up with group me info.
Rules are below. Some rules will be updated when m18 releases
You must be active on the forums. This means you need to keep up with all league activity here. comment on threads, vote in polls, participate in league discussions, etc. Failure to stay active may lead to removal from the league.

-Activity can extend to many ways - Mandatory GroupMe/Discord, Twitter account, or OS postings

- Team threads are highly encouraged. This is a place to post your game recaps each week, team news on playercontracts, retirements, trades, draft selections, etc. This really adds to our league's reputation and keeps all members more interested in the league.

- Be a SIM player. Follow the rules of the league and rules of the game. Just because you found a glitch play that works every time does not mean you should do so. There are several other modes for that if you want to play that way. This is a sim league and players must conduct themselves as such. Play REAL football, not try and exploit the game. This league is for people that want to have fun together, not pad stats.

- For game scheduling, if you fail to request an extension 12 hours before advance, barring circumstances, this extension request will likely be denied. Plan accordingly

- Be responsible for your games. Make clear posts for your availability when trying to schedule your weekly games. Make sure you include time zones (EST, CST, PST) to ensure there are no misunderstandings when scheduling games. If you are impossible to get ahold of, you will be given a loss in the 48-72 hour schedule.

- Be respectful on the forums and in the GroupMe. Any concerns about a certain user should be brought to the attention of the commissioner via private message only. Do not call out other members on the forums as that just leads to several pages of bickering. This type of behavior will not be tolerated in this league

- All games must be streamed via Twitch/Youtube. With the steaming capabilities of the PS4 each and every game should be streamed. The only exception to this rule would be a severe lag in user games due to streaming. That being said, every effort should be made so that at least one team each game is streaming. There will be no excuse for not streaming a CPU game

- Desyncs will be handled in 2 seperate ways; we are all adults here. 1 or 2 desyncs and the two teams will mutually decide whether to replay the game or to put one of the teams on Auto-Pilot. If the two sides cannot agree, a commissioner will break the tie. At a 3rd desync, the commissioner will decide who will be given the win

- Voluntarily going on AP because of losses is not allowed. If you have life business to attend to, that is fine. Any team that must be on AP for 6 or more games consecutively is subject to losing their team. It is required that you maintain contact with a commissioner if you are to go on AP for an extended period. Losing teams will be allowed to go on AP starting in week 15 in order to speed up the last few weeks of the season, and reach the offseason sooner.

Gameplay rules

- This is a NO SWITCH LEAGUE meaning you are not allowed to switch players during a play to make a user catch, tackle, interception, etc. You are allowed to control 1 player and 1 player only on defense during a given play. Between plays you can choose a different player. On offense you are not allowed to manually switch to the receiver/running back BEFORE they receive the ball. After those players receive the ball you are allowed to control them as they run down the field. The only exceptions to this rule are directly after a kickoff/punt. You are allowed to switch ONE time to a gunner running down the field but after that you must stay on that player.

- With WR/DB mechanics you will be able to use your WR on offense ONLY if you use the mechanics NO SWERVING BS 2 get open. Will be watch closely to determine overall rule on this new mechanic

- You are not allowed to manually move several players around on defense pre snap. If you happen to nudge them as you are choosing your player that is allowed. but you cannot manually stack the box with players then control someone else. This goes for moving players back in punt coverage pre snap as well

- You are allowed to play as the defensive lineman or 3-4 OLB that is rushing the passer. However this will be monitored and will got to description below if need be to control outrageous sack numbers.
{It is far too easy to beat a CPU offensive lineman in the pass rush so we are prohibiting this. You may however play as a MLB, 4-3 OLB, 3-4 OLB that is dropping into coverage, or any player in the secondary. You may manually controlling a blitzing player from any of these positions other than the 3-4 OLB]

-4th downs. In general you need to be punting/kicking on 4th down. Because this is a sim league there are several times during the game where you are punting/kicking no matter what. This is not the league where you go for it on every 4th down. That being said, there are a few situations where it is allowed to try and convert the 4th down:

- Trailing by 10 or more points with less than 6 minutes left in the 4th quarter
- Trailing by any amount with less than 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter
- 2 "coaches decision" per game 1 for special teams u can only do a fake punt/field goal. and 1 for another down.

The "coaches decision clause can be used at any time during the game on 4th and 5 or less. Common uses of this can be 4th and goal inside the 5 looking for that TD instead of a FG or leading by 8 or less under 2 minutes to go in the game with your opponent having no timeouts left where essentially a first down allows you to kneel the rest of the clock out. Whatever the situation you choose to use, you only get 1 per game so choose wisely.

- No ZIG ZAGGING what so ever. You cannot use the left joystick to maneuver around defenders. You must use the juke, spin, or truck around defenders. Small changes in direction is allowed but completely reversing field or sharp cuts toward the sidelines are strictly prohibited.

-An example of this would be taking a handoff on a play designed to go up the middle and immediately taking the ball outside the tackles. Run plays as they are designed, not all plays will go for big yardage

-Rushing 3 on the defensive line is the minimum. You cannot rush 1 or 2

- Abusing audibles/hot routes is not allowed. In general you need to be sticking to the play called. Hot routes and audibles are ok if you sense a blitz, but there should not be 6 different changes being called out at the line of scrimmage. This also means you should not be changing your WR to a curl route every time the CB is in off coverage

- Rolling out excessively with the QB is prohibited. Stay in the pocket if at all possible. We don't want to see QB's taking the snap and immediately rolling out unless the play is designed that way

- Fake FG's/Punts are allowed but will you up your special teams coach call! So use it wisely.

- Excessive use of the no huddle offense should not be used. You are limited to 3 consecutive plays of no huddle during the game. Obvious exceptions are in the 2 minute offense at the end of either half or trailing late in the 4th quarter

- No quick snapping the ball on offense. This means you should not be rushing to the line and snapping the ball at the first possible second. Give your opponents defense time to get set. This also allows you to read the defense and see any blitzes, coverages, etc and makes you a better player because of it

- Mix up your play calling. You should not be running the same 5 plays on offense or defense because you know that they will work. You have a whole playbook at your disposal please use it

- FB dives and QB sneaks cannot be called in 3rd/4th and 2 or shorter, and inside your opponent's 3 yard line

- There will be NO STAT PADDING allowed in this league. If you are winning big in a game you need to be putting in your backup players and running the ball. We will not tolerate a player that consistently has 200 yards rushing/receiving, 500 yards passing and so on. This goes for defensive sacks also. Players should not be recording 3 sacks per game all season.

-New feature will be the 3 Strike Policy. If you are accused of stat padding by a commissioner, you will be placed on the probation list. If you fail to improve your playstyle against the CPU or against humans, you will be given a 2nd strike. The 2nd strike results in a suspension for 1 game. If you receive a 3rd strike, you will be suspended from the league indefinitely.

-Another form of stat padding is over using a certain player. A RB should not have 35 carries while the backup has 3. A WR should not have not have 12 receptions while everyone else has 2 or less. This goes along with mixing up your play calling. You should be spreading the ball around.

-Players found to be guilty of stat padding will receive a suspension based on the severity and number of offenses.

-Repeat offenders of stat padding will be removed from the league

- Any team that is up by 21 or more points in the 4th quarter needs to bench their stars and be running the ball. Anyone caught running up the score intentionally against either the CPU or a User will be subject to player suspensions.

Moves can only be made during offseason and must wait a full year before changing positions again. League committee will have final say.
QB: can be moved to HB or WR. *Committee will review this on case by case basis*
FB: eligible to move to HB or TE
TE: eligible to move to FB or WR
WR: has to weight at least 225 and be at least 6'2 to be moved to tight end with max speed at 88 also subject to up to range of minus -10 in WR core attributes. *Committee will review this case by case* Ex: If a player has an 85 spec ,80 rr, 89 catch, 82 cit, 80 release. Upon switch approval he can lose up to 10 points in each attribute to keep game balance. So now the player would be 75-84 spec, 70-79 rr, 79-88 cit, 70-79 release. Regardless of player attributes/overall he will lose 1-10 in key receiving attributes. Just the better the attributes/overall the moor he will lose with 10 being the max.
OL: all positions are interchangeable
RB May not be switched to full-back.
Safeties to Linebacker: Must weigh a minimum of 230lbs
Linebacker to Lineman must be at least 270 weight.
CB to safety is only allowed if player is 30 or above. Some exceptions to the rule will be made on case by case basis that will allow younger CB's to transition to safety.
LB to DT Will not be allowed

- Dropping back in the pocket 10+ yards constantly will now be a rule that is enforced. This does not effect pass trajectory, and creates an advantage for the quarterback user. Situations obviously will determine the use of this as an advantage, but dropping back with zero pressure is unnecessary

Team Building

-You must have at least 10 offense lineman on your roster at all time.
-You can only re-sign 3 of your free agents. This counts during the season, and during the re-sign phase. The +1 applies to the franchise tag player. The rest of your available players will go into free agency and have to hit the market. This eliminates hoarding, something that was very prevalent in Madden 16.

- This league will use a trade committee. This will eliminate the use of a trade list or "franchise list". This will limit fantasy type trades. This committee will vote on every trade

- You are required to have TWO quarterbacks on your roster at all times. Teams failing to do so will have games simmed until their roster has been updated

- No trading with the CPU whatsoever

- In order to earn trading rights, you must prove yourself in the league. You must play a minimum of 10 league games to earn trade rights, and then your ability to trade opens in the offseason of that following season. Please refer to the user hub to see your status with the league. If your owner box is orange, you still have to prove your right to trade.

- Contract Rules:

Every player that is signed/re-signed must be given bonus money equal to at least 30% of the base salary.

Example: Player A is making a base salary of $1,000,000 per year. He must be given $300,000 in bonus money bringing his total compensation to $1,300,000 per year.

This is because in Madden the bonus money is the guaranteed money. This ensures teams cannot sign players like Calvin Johnson to a 6 year $100 million contract with a $100k bonus. Allowing them to cut him and his huge contract at any time with very little penalty. You can offer more than 30% if you wish but 30% is the minimum.

- Each team is allowed 2 trades per season. This includes trades where players are involved or pick for pick trades. Each trade must be posted on the forums as they are completed. The league will use a trade committee

- Trades during the draft will be allowed only for rookies about to be drafted. Only players drafted can be traded during the draft within time of league draft. Ex: Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning however this will be monitored. Once draft is done a player must remain on his team two years before eligible to be traded or release. Whoever initiate the trade will lose a random pick from rounds 3-7 out of that years draft or next year draft handing it over to the team picking #1.

-You must have 53 players on roster all season long

-Each team is only allowed to sign ONE 80+ overall player from the free agent pool each year. Any players rated 79 overall and below are fair game


-For re-signings and free agency, you are not allowed to exceed 5 years for a contract offer. No 6 or 7 year dealsfor anyone. We are doing this to ensure that teams don't backload huge contracts for years that we may not even play. You'll have to be smarter with your offers. If you sign someone for longer than 5 years, you will release that player back into the FA pool, take the cap hit, as well as wait for the player to move through the waiver wire.

- 10 offensive lineman must be required on every single team in the league. If you enter the season, or during any point at the season, have less than 10 offensive lineman, you will not be permitted to play until 10 are on your roster.

- Every single roster in the league must be at 53 players. If you enter the season, or during any point at the season, have less than 53 players without letting me know, you will not be permitted to play until you have 53.

Misc rules

-Custom playbooks are LEGAL, but please abide by the above rules when you build your playbook. Your plays must be diverse, and your style of play must reflect sim rules. Remember, we can see all playbooks via twitch stream, so build a diverse playbook that doesn't rely on money plays, or one formation.

-You are allowed two trades per offseason. This is measured from Super Bowl to Super Bowl. Once you use these two trades, you cannot trade anymore outside of the draft. In the draft, you are allowed unlimited trades, but these can only involve picks for picks. All trades must be approved by the commissioners.

- Trades during the draft will be allowed only for rookies about to be drafted. Only players drafted can be traded during the draft within time of league draft. Ex: Phillip Rivers and Eli Manning however this will be monitored. Once draft is done a player must remain on his team two years before eligible to be traded or release. Whoever initiate the trade will lose a random pick from rounds 3-7 out of that years draft or next year draft handing it over to the team picking #1.