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JFF Commissioner's Decision on Playing Games (w/ Camera Toggle "ON")

JFF League Members,

As you know, the EA Sports producers and technicians offered a "patch" or "glitch fix" that was designed to prevent human user vs. human user contests within the Connected Franchise Mode from ending in an unexpected disconnection due to "desync" problems.

Initially, the resolution was to make sure that both opponents played with the same team settings, and particularly, the same exact camera angle. Now, EA Sports announced that a "side effect" of their "patch / fix" is that the feature known as "Camera Toggle" will automatically remain in the "ON" setting.

My first response, announced yesterday (Friday, September 26, 2014) was that I was not going to obligate two league members to complete a contest with the Camera Toggle set to "ON"; I had even offered to delay / extend JFF Week #1 by a few days if necessary.

Now, I have changed my decision.

The JFF League Schedule will continue as planned.

Here is what you do from this point forward:

1) Before you enter into your scheduled contest, make sure both you and your opponent have Camera Toggle turned "OFF," and that you both have the same camera angle (Only two camera angles are allowed in The JFF: "Standard" and "Wide"; "Zoom," "All-22," "Broadcast" and "Defensive Perspective" are not permitted)

Note: Even for your non-CFM settings (found in your Main Screen, under "Customize" -> "Help / Settings" -> "Settings" -> "Game Options"), both your "Offense Camera Settings" and "Defense Camera Settings" should be both set to "Standard" or "Wide" and Camera Toggle turned "OFF"

2) When your team is on offense or defense, DO NOT USE YOUR CONTROLLER'S D-PAD (until EA Sports fixes the "side effect" of having Camera Toggle automatically stay "ON").

2A. When you are on offense, use the Triangle button to modify your hot routes.

2B. When you are on defense, use the . . .
Triangle button to modify your defensive back coverages;
Square button to modify your defensive line coverages;
Circle button to modify your linebacker assignments;
"X" button to create or modify individual man-to-man assignments or Man vs. Zone coverages;

3) If you happen to "inadvertently / accidentally" change your camera angle prior to the snap of the ball, simply use the "UP" or "DOWN" button on the D-PAD to return your camera angle to "standard" or "wide."

If you have any questions and/or concerns related to this issue, you can text me at (219) 789-1948 or send me an Email.

Thank you!

Alan a.k.a. "Da Commish"
JFF League Commissioner