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Lizard Squad threatens further X-mas downtime


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Lizard Squad are a ‘hacker group’ that revel in attacking online game services such as PSN and Xbox Live. In September of this year, the group severely compromised PSN’s stability for several hours, much to the dismay of gamers worldwide. The group last night claimed responsibility for taking down Xbox Live, which only seemed to be affected briefly and not being a network-wide problem. Many users reported no problems or reported isolated problems with ancillary services such as accessing their friends list. Lizard Squad, on their Twitter feed, have stated that Sony had it worse, which appears to be case when comparing the impact of both services. However, whilst Xbox Live’s core services have returned back to normal, Lizard Squad are now threatening further downtime during Christmas. .

An attack on online services during Christmas would have devastating affects for all those involved, the companies and more importantly, us gamers. Why exactly they feel the need to ruin the experience of gamers with their unsophisticated brute force DDOS attacks is beyond us but several theories exist about their motivations and from assessing sentiments from social media and gaming forums, these are the possible reasons for their actions:

Lizard Squad @LizardPatrol

That's a small dose of what's to come on Christmas. #LizardSquad

6:23 PM - 1 Dec 2014

1. They have yet to engage in sexual activity with another human being
Initiating coitus can be tough for some members of the human race and whilst there are methods whereby some people can elect to pay to engage in sexual intercourse, there may be financial constraints on the members of Lizard Squad to do so. Certainly, the social media considers the persisting state of virginity of the members of lizard squad as one reason for their actions

  1. Lizard Squad @LizardPatrol
    Xbox Live #offline
Jake. @YedIin

hahahahahahahha you fucking virgins you hack websites and knock down servers for a living @LizardPatrol

6:31 PM - 1 Dec 2014
Whilst it may seem odd at first, maybe members of the Lizard Squad are starved of any real human interaction or attention and even negative attention is at least some meaningful attention in their eyes. In that regard, Lizard Squad have succeeded rather tremendously. Short of drowning puppies, this act of digital warfare could just be their way of getting validation of their existence in this world. It is not clear at this stage whether Lizard Squad comprise of a single loner or several socially deprived members but we can confirm that Lizard Squad does exist in the similar vein that the existence of bacteria and and flesh eating parasites have long been confirmed by the scientific community.

3. They struggle with videogames
Why target videogame services and the gaming community? It just might be the case that Lizard Squad are really bitter ex-gamers who have been at the receiving end of your killing sprees all too often. Whilst most members of GameOnDaily cannot attest to being proverbially ‘tea-bagged’ for days on end on Halo (except for Dan) or afflicted with a Kill/Death ratio of 0.01, maybe Lizard Squad are exactly the kind of struggling ‘gamers’ that we hope to have the pleasure of decimating online for our own enjoyment. This theory is further backed up by the actions of the hacker group who have also targeted MLG, the professional gaming league for competitive games.

Lizard Squad @LizardPatrol
MLG Columbus #Offline

4:43 PM - 30 Nov 2014

Whatever their motivations, it is safe to assume that the vast majority of the gaming community will want this group to be purged of existence. Whilst some of you may feel pity for them or feel that we should exercise some restraint or mercy on them. One commentator on Twitter summed up our sentiments rather well:

  1. Lizard Squad @LizardPatrol
    Xbox Live #offline
StormKnife @JanenaMae

@LizardPatrol i hope you fall in a hole and get eaten alive by squirrels.

6:31 PM - 1 Dec 2014
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