What's new

Madden 15 - Five New Features


Defense Upgrade
The new arsenal of pass rush moves, intuitive tackling mechanisms, and redesigned zone and man coverage add more control to defense. Defensive player lock cameras allow the player more range when it comes to defense.

Player Sense 2.0
With player sense 2.0, player emotion, head tracking, awareness, reach tackles, and more have been greatly improved. This will add more realism to over all game play.

Inaccurate Passes
New levels of passing have been added allowing each QB to throw passes more realistically. Each pass is now ranked from "very inaccurate" to "perfect". Throwing on the run has also been improved.

War in the Trenches 2.0
New pass rush mechanics for power moves and finesse have been added. Block shedding and disengage animations give a more "real feel" to game play.

Tackling Mechanics
New tackling mechanics allow the player more control over game play through conservative tackles, tackle cones, aggressive tackles, and precision tackles.